Do you know what caused your condition?

Can you make other people climb walls?

I can.



I heard you once made the entire country of Guatemala climb walls for 3 days straight.


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You don’t want to know what I made the Argentinean’s do.


Did you make them eat organic lettuce?
Please discuss

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Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

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My sins made me schizophrenic.

I think girls… I mean falling in love with girls for me anyway

Porn induced sz.

Ugh. He made them eat kale.

A wizard.



Simply genetics. It lead to behavior that I couldn’t really control and ended up where the genetics had hit certain triggers. Just damned unlucky I guess but there’s depression and sz in the family so there’s that.

The devil has a jar in hell with my soul in it

Probably bullying, congenital, relational/familial and studying stress.

Probably also due to an overdose of ickynesia.

I think we’ve explored the healthier realms of this topic and soon it’ll tip the scales of the high farce meter. Will shut down to avoid degeneration into low farce…

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