Do you know what an ebook is?

I can’t find it explained anywhere.

The best I can say is it’s an electronic book. You can buy it by way of a wireless connection to be read on an e reader - like Kindle or Nook. I don’t know where the original resides.

what is an e reader? is it vocal or written?


Mine is small, flat with a screen about four x six. The screen looks like the page of a book - so yes you read it.

My kindle I think can hold hundreds or thousands of books at once. All mine does is hold books. Other ones have movies, games - internet…I don’t know what.

I think you can listen to audio books on kindles, but I don’t know which ones.

Also you can , I think boroow e books + audio books electronically from the public library.

So, how much does a kindle cost?

A basic one - just for reading is less than a hundred dollars… Look them up on amazon. If there are reviews, read them.

To buy a book you need to have an amazon account and access to a wireless connection. Most public libraries have one.

A Nook, sold by Barnes and Noble is another possibility.

How much does a book cost?

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With Kindle, a lot of books are free - mostly the classics and some poetry and some older books. The average price of a book is around ten dollars I’d say. They cost less than printed ones. Yes you could do some exploring.