Do you know if

Do you know if liberal party in Australia are against disabled people having children?

I have seen disabled parents that are great parents and better than normies despite their struggles.

My father said he does not think I should have children and that was become ovarian cancer.
I do not think he thinks disabled people should have children.

The way he hates Muslims I thought he would vote for one nation pauliHanson …

He can be hateful also to people who do not work but recent years he has changed and seems more empItowatds people doing their best and existing and coping.

Maybe he has changed a bit but he said he has always voted conservatives.

My mum loves a feminist called Gudrun skyman and the greens but she nolonger votes for them and will not tell me how she votes.

I was going to get her to vote for me or help me.

My boyfriend votes independent but my mum said they are often left winged extremist or right winged extremist.

I do not think teachers should have guns at their work.

I think that is truly horrid and it could get missused such as teachers raping or having telTionships with students ya against their will or bullying some who have more money or who know more etc

Or taking their sh## out on the kidzzz.

I care about the environment and nature and animals but from what I have been told the greens can do more damage for economy and nature with ideas that are not Long term and other parties that do not even talk much about it can have the best ideas and also see it through.

I still do not know how to vote or who to vote for…

I feel torn and I can not study or find information online and if I did I can not read jargon…

I am in Australia :australia: and am very grateful to be on the pension because I can not work with my symptoms.

I do want to do good.

Last night I served and helped my man who helps many.

I massaged his legs and feet for a hour till he fell asleep :zzz:.

I do not think I agree with my boyfriend s political stand.

His friends can be pretty hateful.

Do you guys think you can help me how to vote ?

I agree with several parties in diiateas and feel torn and confused about it now.

My man hunts animals and helps farmers by doing so and I think he does good and enjoys it.

This Eritrea below is not relevant but it crossed my mind.
(Anders has had has very beautiful kind eyes and great feet and reminds me of my boyfriend.)

My boyfriend is so great and I adore him and agree with him in many ways but not always.

I dreamt someone wS being bossed arihope it was not me lol

I do not agree with that .


So can you guys help me vote or give me some idea please?

I may be brain damaged.

Love :two_hearts: to you guyzzz yo!!!

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If you’d love your kid, you’ll make a good parent. You can’t control what you have to contribute to humanity, but you can change the way you treat that contribution.

If you’re worried your child will be damaged/imperfect in some way, then you’ll have to get in line with the billions of other people who’ve given birth, because nobody is perfect.

If you really want a child and think you’d love it unconditionally, and the supports are in place to give that child a good life, then I’d say you should.

EDIT: Also, sorry I glazed over the entire subject of your post for some reason ><. I’m not sure about Australia’s political system, sorry. I think you definitely should, and possibly get someone to help you with knowing where to cast your vote.

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You should always vote in your best interest, and you don’t have to tell ANYONE how you voted. Lie if you think it’ll lead to a fight or something with somebody you care about. Tell them you voted for Mickey Mouse or something.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I can not have children because I had my ovaries removed when I had cancer.

It I know other people who are disabled and have children.

I had a Muslim boyfriend a long time ago and I tried being one but it is not what I believe in and that religion is not for me.

This man was very kind and very funny and handsome.

We nolonger have contact but I do not hate all Muslims.

Who should I have vote for me…

What if I do not agree with them…

If I go with my educated father I vote liberal and if my boyfriend independent and I do not know how my mum voted now adays.

I was considering greens or labour but heard they do not do long term fix and financially not good .

I can not seem to get it in my brain nor understand jargon etc

I was suprised my father said he is proud of me because I am on pension and he can be hateful about such…
Maybe it is possible he understands me a little…

That could take a while to process.

My mum wants me to work and get more education and is in denial about me being schizo and seems to think I have only Aspergers.
Despite all psychiatrists diagnosing me as schizophrenic.

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I’m sorry :frowning: I missed the part about you getting ovaries removed. My comprehension is crap today. There’s always adoption, though, good kids waiting for homes if you really wanted to raise a child. Anyway…

You can always abstain if you’re truly unsure. It’s a viable choice. Definitely don’t let anyone else tell you how to vote, or that you have to vote.

Only if you feel strongly about the agenda of one party or another, then you really should.

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Thank you!


The thing is I might want someone or some people I love to tell me how to vote or give me suggestions after they asked some questions.

I might have loved ones on left and right and middle side…

I was thinking you guys on the forum might be able to help me how to vote and you usually do not find much jargon on this forum…

I might feel torn in a way agreeing with both in some ways…

I might be asking you guys for help on how to vote.

If I do not vote I get a fine.

I think the fine is $1000.

So I must vote.


Oh 1000 aud? Yeah vote definitely vote then… It’s messed up that you can’t abstain in anyway in Australia. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

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You were of great help.

Just giving me a friendly reply was helpful in itself. :slight_smile:

But yeah if people on the forum can help me vote then that might be good .

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I do not think I hate anyone.

Not even people who hate me and are bad to me.:hushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It seems I may love :two_hearts: my enemies.

Strange that!

Not comfortable around such but still…

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I can make a wicked lasagne and a few other edible delights.

If I could cook for you guys that would be nice but such quantities and measurements might confuse me.

I love watching cooking shows some times.

I hope I can serve you and others with my existence.


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You’re too kind @SacredNeigh7 . I love lasagna.

Be sure to serve yourself first, though. :slight_smile:

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thank you!

Hope you are having a nice good day.


My father forced me to go to sea world when I was psychotic and formed me to swim with dolphins and my sister.

Thing was I did not feel like I was swimming with dolphins it felt like I was swimming with sharks and blood and dark forses .

There’s a picture of my sister and I with a dolphin.

She looks stunning and I look so ugly and psychotic.

I did not feel well enough to go to sea world.

Is that a liberal action he made by fording me and getting angry at me???

My mum got angry at me other times I wS psychotic.

She can be scary.

I only just told her I have a tattoo.
And I am 40 years old … lol

I got to see the humour in that.

The other woman raised me I already told her.
She has been amazing to me and I love her and her family and it is familiar to see them.

It was years ago but he did not understand etc

I’m guessing you’re talking about one of the upcoming state elections?

Best to talk to your local candidates.

Liberals aren’t against disabled people having children.

I’m in Australia and I usually vote green.

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