Do you know if antipsychotics actually slow down our metabolism


My CPN did not know and I forgot to ask my pdoc.
Did your pdoc tell you so or do you have any writing on it


It’s obvious. I eat the same, and I gain weight


But are you more sedentary now. I sit around and lie around so much n can’t exercise the same anymore


I can’t do anything.


No wonder iam fat!


I dunno if it is true but I have heard someone say it on here before…



It would explain alot of things if its true.


I ate the same and gained weight


some did/some didn’t. The typicals really didn’t for me. atypicals, yes but after a while you can train your metabolism to work a lil better


The patient information sheet that came with my Zyprexa said atypical antipsychotics can cause metabolic syndrome, so that would mean the answer is yes.