Do you know how many satellite dish i have?

I operate 3 dishes one 70 cm one 80 cm and one 100 cm
Each has 2 lnb satellite except for 70 which has one
That mean i have 5 lnbs for 5 satellites
All are together on one wire which is amazing
I learned all of that from youtube
I watch all events of soccer :joy::joy::joy:
It is crazy for me sometime to reach
My doctor when i told him about that he thought i am crazy :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


That is AWESOME. Please post pics of your setup when you can, I love seeing other people’s over the top tech solutions.


Thats one of them
The big one
Center hotbird
The otherone bulgariasat
Distance between two lnbs them is 16 cm
But this is suitable in egypt only


We have one. It’s foxtel satellite pay tv. It’s quite common out here in Australia because it’s a big country.

Still. There’s others with different arrays. Not really sure what they get but a neighbour had a huge dish up. Our foxtel is like 40cm diameter. No idea really but it works unless in some serious rain!

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We ditched our satellite about seven years ago, went streaming only. Haven’t looked back.

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Yeah @velociraptor would be ideal if you had fast internet. Our National broadband network got dogged down in politics and the execution is total rubbish. We have like third world standard broadband and it’s a joke! Everything comes into house through copper…So satellite for tv isn’t too bad in current climate.

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Well, we had gigabit fibre in my last town, but now I’m slumming it with 300 Mbps down and 30 Mbps uplink. I hate it, I was spoiled.

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I think in a good day I’m doing 20 up! It’s total rubbish!

There’s nothing like symmetric gigabit. A gigabit uplink rocks. Now I’m depressed from talking about it.

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haha feel my pain. Off peak just hit 40. So sad. Could have been great for the country now just a joke on the world stage…

No sympathy my friend. We got totally cooked!

and that is down!!!

Damn. That would explain why so many Aussies have a drinking problem. I mean, what else is there to do? (Well, yeah, there’s sex, but kangaroos look pretty hard to catch.)


haha fair cop. It’s nuts! Should have paid the money and done fibre optic to the house. Government changes and cost cutting means copper to house.

I hear you complaining @velociraptor but your way ahead of us honchos! Your lucky we still have plenty of cattle and sheep so I’m not offended by your off hand remark! :slight_smile:

Variety is the spice of life!


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