Do you keep your blinds down?

I usually like to keep the blinds down in my room. However, there isn’t enough air flow if I do that and mold can also form on some of the walls due to lack of light. I have my windows open and my blinds up now, but it annoys me a bit because the people across the road can see me when they come out of their house or come to their windows. Also, people walking up and down the street can see me.

It’s summer and it gets too hot in my room if there isn’t enough air flow, like I said. And also mold can form.

Something about people being able to see me all day in my room just bothers me a bit, has for many years. I’m going to try to keep my blinds up for now.

I also tend talk to myself, and have since I was a teenager, and I guess that looks slightly weird.

Do you keep your blinds up in your room? It doesn’t make any difference if people can’t see you, but if they can then it can be annoying.

It doesn’t really bother me people being able to see me in other parts of the house like the kitchen, but I’m in my room all the time and it’s a bit annoying.

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My windows are all blocked off with black drapes, no one can see in. i still open one window in the summer, but the drapes still cover it.
I don’t want people watching me or looking in

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And my father is always making out my room is moldy or is going to get moldy and I’m going to get a lung infection. Opening all the windows and having the blinds up is the only solution to that.

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I never open my windows. I do keep the blinds open though to let the light in. I’m not in the rooms that are facing the front of the house much, so people don’t see me. I used to be worried that people would try to see if they can steel some stuff, but really, I don’t think I have things worth steeling or worth breaking in for.

In my bathroom, there is a window. I didn’t want curtains on it or blinds, and wanted the light in, but not for people to look in. So, I put some obscuring paper (where light gets through, but images do not). So, now I have a light bathroom that nobody can look in. You could get one of those. Here is one sight that has them:

Of course this does not help with circulation. How about a window fan on one open window. It would give you a lot of circulation and I doubt people can see in through the fan.


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