Do you invest for your future retirement?

I have started a lifetime isa, you have to start one before the age of 40 and you can only take out money if you’re buying your first home or for retirement. I don’t have much of a pension so i thought it was a good idea. Plus the government pays me for investing….My cousin told me about this.


I put 200-300€ a month in a retirement plan. It’s tax deductible which makes it interesting.

I expect Governments to have problems with paying retirement benefits for an aging population. So, I try to also save myself.


The government is broke so keep extended retirement age, who knows what the future holds. I don’t have much pension but I thought it would be a good idea to start saving ….


On the other hand we might not become very old because of sz and meds. In that case it’s good financial news for my sister.


I have no pension as when I lost my old job, I used it as a cash pot and paid off some debts

Not sure how state pensions work

Way I figure, people with SZ die 20 years younger than everybody else, so nothing to worry about


I have a disability bank account where the government gives me a very good interest on the money I deposit. But I can only start using that money once I am 50y.o., now I am 32, and can only cashout 10% of the whole amount per year. I can still cashout before 50y.o. but I won’t get any benefits or interest money paid by the government.


Live in California and save for retirement?


Right now I’m trying to get my husband to purchase this kind of insurance that pays for assisted living when you get older.

And we need to save aggressively for retirement, just can’t afford it where we live.

I’ll inherit a good amount of money and some property, so I guess that counts for something.

But we don’t have children to take care of us,

We need a plan.


Unfortunately I just work part time with no other income aside from my partners income. He pays about 60% of the household bills. Still though, we only make enough to cover the bills/living expenses at the moment. Plus my partner is currently out of work so soon we will be living off of just my meager pay. I’m stressed about it.

Once I pay my credit down though, I will begin saving again. Though I will likely only be able to save for an upcoming move and not for retirement:(


We’re putting $$$ aside for retirement. Likely for my wife - I don’t expect to live long enough.

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No one knows what the future holds. :disappointed:

Nah ill be dead

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I have some savings and most months my income is more than I spend. Not counting this last month, as I have investing a lot in guitar playing related stuff. Also, I tend to overspend on Christmas.

But most of the time, I am adding to my savings slowly. I was fortunate to have been waiting for SSDI for years(it didn’t seem fortunate while I was broke waiting) and got a big bulk back payment. This accounts for a good chunk of my current savings.

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I don’t have any savings.

I hope I will be well taken care of and that I can afford nice vegan food every day.

I hope I will always have a nice place to live and never go homeless.

I guess I’m relying on the money I get from the government/centrelink.

I’m on disability pension now.
I don’t know if that will change into a normal age pension which apparently might be a little less than I have now.

I don’t have children either.

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Both my husband and I are putting money away for retirement.

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I had a 401k with my government job at the IRS. I was there almost 3 years. The market sucks. The value keeps going down every quarter.