Do you invent Illness or symptoms

Do you begin experiencing symptoms of something when reading about it or when others relate them?

Do you ever believe you have an Illness that you don’t?

I suffer from some real physical illness, verified through lab tests and imaging tests, but sometimes I will have symptoms that seem really out there. Especially after reading about different diseases similar to mine or that match the random symptoms.


If I’m scared of having a disease and read about it, I usually start to interpret things as symptoms of that disease. It used to be part of my OCD.


I’ve thought I’ve had every mental illness in the book. I’m just ignorant though and don’t know that much about it. When I was younger I thought I had an issue with blood sugar but I was fine. Oprah said she had something wrong with her thyroid so I thought I had something wrong with my thyroid. I just do dumb connections.

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I think even medical students do it. It seems to be hard wired in human nature.

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I believe that about the human nature!

No. Can’t say that I do but schizophrenia is already a plate full.

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When the internet was new to me, I used to drive myself up the wall about all kinds of diseases, real or imagined. I solidly thought I had lyme disease. When I did get bitten by a tick and tested positive for it, it really wasn’t as big a deal as I thought. Just a short round of antibiotics and the thing was done.


Nope. But when I was really sick, I was a bit of a hypochondriac.

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