Do you hear voices when psychotic?

  • I hear voices when psychotic
  • I don’t hear voices.

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Thanks guys, I figured it out.

Strangely enough i dont hear voices but there are thoughts put into my head that are not my own. Other beings think in my headspace.


I’m often convinced that people are putting thoughts into my head, or other people can hear my thoughts. I’ve also thought people are going to kill me.

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I hear voices a lot but most are alters

I heard voices before but very rarely like when I was super stressed out a few years back and trying to fall asleep. Maybe in 2014-2015 or something. Back in 2010 I heard music when falling asleep when I was studying at university probably due to the stress and the prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia. I’m not really a voice hearer but one ■■■■■■■ doctor claimed I heard voices and that my DP/DR was a hallucination. I’m not a doctor but I think it could have been something else or different. My DP/DR was so freaking bad it was worse than hell. I suffered from solipsism and stuff and thought I didn’t exist or wasn’t real. It took years but I feel I am real now and the external world is real and that solipsism is unhealthy and not something I should think about ever again. I guess I just have delusions now and maybe no motivation and no drive. That’s about it.

Yes and no. I hear a voice that I call the jerk spirit. Its is my own voice. But when I was psychotic I thought it was implanted by Satan. And that god who monitored my thoughts sendt me messages about being the reason for bad things.

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