Do you hear voices at random or is it triggered by something? How long do you hear voices when it happens?

Do you hear voices at random or is it triggered by something?
Mine seems to be random

How long do you hear voices when it happens?
Mine sometimes last 15 mins up to few hours.

Anyone able to ignore their voices?


I have two types of voices. First one is whispers. I can hear someone talking but it’s very faint occasionally il hear my name. They seem to be activated every time I consciously want to listen for silence or enjoy silence theylll start then. They also get triggered times I have an emotional reaction to something usually on tv. Other than that they don’t bother me and go when I get distracted. They happen every time I’m watching tv or relaxing at night The other ones are more persistent their triggered by being overwhelmed at work or stress. Their still faint but their justlouder than my whispers. They seem to go when I remove whatever’s stressing me out. I can tell what their saying sometimes just by the way they react to my thoughts.

I can’t ignore the stress voices really but the whispers are easy to ignore.

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My voices are pretty random, but stressful events and environments can also trigger them. They are more prominent at night and I can usually ignore them successfully, but not always. I have usually one or two rough nights out of every month where they just won’t shut up.

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i hear my voices at random. like last night they kept waking me up. they come suddenly and last under 30 seconds

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When I’m lying in my bed, the voice comments on fake memory recalls, fake imagination or inserted thoughts. This is going on pretty much all the time, with small pauses.

About 100 times a day I get an inserted thought saying “You’ll be tortured after death (forever)”, and then the voice says “That’s a lie” and another voice says “That’s truth”. Since I’m a god according to the voice, I’m supposed to know which one is true.

Sometimes they say “We’ve ruined your life” or “Everything’s ruined” (along with the inserted thoughts telling me about the dreams I had before schizophrenia, or/and mental images showing me everything I could have achieved without my schizophrenia)

When I’m out grocery shopping they comment on the things or people I see.

Can’t ignore them, as apparently I have no will.

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Dunno, doesnt happen that often to me.

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Randomly they appear, when I’m stressed they get aggressive. They last from 15 minutes to one hour

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In the past, when I was seeing new things, when I was going to new places, I was getting distracted and I was hearing no voices. Now that has changed. Voices comment on new things and locations

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My voices tend to be triggered by stress. They usually start with inserted thoughts and progress to voices. They usually last for 10-30 mins or so at a time. I call it “voice attacks” fortunately I’ve not had one in a while. Doing good at moment.

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I hear voices at random.

Mine last usually only a few minutes.

I usually can’t resist listening to them although I suppose I could ignore them if I tried.


For awhile now the only thing I’ve been hearing is a random voice here and there triggered by something. The last thing I can remember hearing was a little bit of music, I was stressed. Oh and I was hearing chimes the other day that my sister couldn’t here, but they were definite. So that was weird, I heard it coming from the furnace. White noise often triggers me, I get voices, screaming, whispering, music, now chimes. Sometimes I will hear something once and that will be it and other times it will go on for awhile like a conversation taking place so 15 minutes maybe. Usually not that long though. Before medicine I had a running commentary who would be active as long as I was, constantly putting me down, but that’s been gone for a long time now.

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I usually hear a voice when in about to pass out to sleep, usually hear a word or two. It freaks me a bit but I still manage to fall asleep

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They are random but appear when I am stressed. I hope for no thoughts today.

I hate intrusive thoughts even though they are someone inserting them to my mind most of the times. I don’t know if people know anything about intrusive thoughts. But i know we have them without thinking.

Triggered by social anxiety. I can’t seem to be around people. I can go days without voices but put me somewhere around people and there they go. Even happens with family. I guess I should move out into a cabin or something. But it used to be even when I was alone and from the TV. But not now from the TV.

My voices come when I’m almost asleep, sometimes once or twice after sleep when I’m still waking up.

Usually, Voices try to emotionally blackmail you, through the use of either harassment or trauma bonding, its used as the trigger or anchor, also know as Tagging.


If that’s the case, then I don’t have voices. At least not with malice. When I hear it, it’s like a person spoke in my head. It’s usually word salad but one time I heard “it’s real” and “be careful what you wish for.” This never happens when I’m fully awake.

My voices scream insults at me after every thought I have.

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Hi, Could I ask if they meaning the Voices are responding to your Sub-Vocalisation or whats termed as inner speech! If so you can use a word salad back in response and try to think in picture terms.