Do you have tumblr?

For those of you who don’t know what tumblr is; it’s a blog consisting of pictures and ‘text posts’. You can ‘reblog’ pictures and text posts from other peoples blogs. ‘Reblog’ means that any text post or a picture that you like, you can have it on your own blog too, by clicking the ‘reblog’-button (I hope you understand what I mean, it was a really bad explaination. And english is not my native language, hehe).

My tumblr blog is mental illness themed. I post stuff about my mental illnesses and reblog mental illness related pictures and text posts.

If you want to check out my tumblr, it will be -> here <-

If you have a tumblr and want me to follow you, post the url in the comments! :smile:

I had one but deleted it when I was paranoid, I might start another one now

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The only thing I know about Tumblr is there is a ton of porn.


@Mountainman if you make one, tell me what it’s called! (If you want).

I have an instagram but I don’t post anything to it because you need their app to do that.

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@LED there is indeed, haha. But it depends on whose blog you’re following. If you follow a porn blog, there will be porn on your dashboard (timeline). :joy:

Tumblr is like a disorganised Instagram to me… maybe because I found Instagram first, that’s why I don’t like it so much?

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@Jesspresso You actually have an impact on how messy and disorganised your blog should be; by having a theme. You also have an archive in your blog that tells you when you posted what, what month, year and time.
So it’s not really that disorganised. It can be a bit difficult to know what to do there if you’re new, but you learn quickly!

Set up and followed you

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@Mountainman I followed you back! :smile:

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I have one but it’s where I post all my dark suicidal thoughts. To get them out. So I don’t have any followers. I don’t want anyone feeling like it’s inspiration or to know exactly how bad things are. I feel like that’s my business and I don’t need anyone watching or monitoring my account.

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@Bittercat Fair enough! I used to have one like that too, but it didn’t help me at all to be surrounded by such triggering and depressing content. But it might help you!

Tumblr has a p0rn problem…

I’d stick to Instagram!


Pr0nblem or oppr0ntunity? :thinking:



Cringing lots

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