Do you have to worry about sugar from fresh fruit?

I am not going keto or anything. I am just worried because fruit is sweet. Could it cause diabetes?


No only too much refined sugar can cause diabetes

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Thanks for the info bro!

Fresh fruit is perfectly safe. It is a source of essential nutrients for you. Canned fruits preserved in juice aren’t so good because there is a lot of added sugar.


I have been munching on blueberries nom nom!


When I was a kid I tried going a whole day with just fruit. Just made it to dinner time I was too weak. I was a weird kid I guess. Independent minded and I had to experience something to really understand it. Including whether a fruit only diet would work for me. Didn’t work. But I do love fruit. I think any too much of anything is bad. But I think fruit in normal amounts is relatively good for most people :yum:

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The biggest danger of too much fruit would probably just be diarrhea.

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I think too much is not good. But moderation is good.
Fructose is lipogenic meaning it is more easily converted to fat compared to glucose so moderation is fine though but not excess

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A diabetic must watch all sugar intake, even fruit. My husband just had a meeting with a nutritionist. All sugar counts with diabetes. But non diabetic people do not need to worry about fruit.

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I think your all good dude

Blueberries are healthy.
They are good for diabetics.

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I like red grapes
Blueberries are very healthy and keep you regular
I always have apples in to snack on

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