Do you have to go to a special pharmacy for clozaril


I know the Walgreens by my house didn’t carry clozaril so I had to go to a different location which had clozapine.


Now I feel stupid. This wasn’t worth making a thread for. Oh well.


Are you on Clozapine? I didn’t know that


Pharmacies can order drugs they don’t carry. I have to order every time I do a pickup


I order them too. And in the same evening or the other day they are there


I used to be and had to go to a different pharmacy.


My pdoc loved to put people on clozaril. I was convinced he had a deal with the drug company to prescribe it. I also thought it was the red pill in the matrix. They played the matrix in the psych ward right when I started the clozaril. I had a red pill and a blue pill. Maybe clozaril was blue I forget. But I was convinced it was the movie in real life.


I know that feeling


I remember you once posted a pic of some pills. One was blue. I made a joke about the blue pill lol. Do you still have a blue pill?


I thought I was the one. I was real psychotic that stay I told a guy I thought I was an alien and everyone else was a robot. I said u probably think I’m crazy. He said no. I’m like :joy:


Yeah my Zoloft is blue.


My pharmacy had to order some in but now keeps it in store


I’ve had to wait for the pharmacy to order meds for me before. It usually only takes like one day.