Do you have to get hospitalized to extend your disability?

In europe people get voluntatily hospitalized to extend their disability status to continue to get benefits. My disability status ends after 4 months. Then maybe my disability might get extended for two years and then after two years will get extended indefinitely more likely.
So that is at least two hospitalizations planned within few years and I’m afraid they will pump up me with medication that I don’t need or make me not functional as I am working now.
I will talk with my psydoc if I definitely need to get hospitalized to extend my disability, I am really anxious as hospitals in my country are dehumanizing and I feel really uncomfortable and anxious there and usually makes my SZ worse.

I have never been hospitalized or in jail and have been on disability for 9 years…continuing disability review every three years…doctors sign it, that’s it.

I need to continue treatment in order to get a doctor to sign off…

No. Hospitalization is not a requirement for disability here in US

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