Do you have to be a severe case to be put in a group home?

Literally court ordered to live in the group home and get support from the staff. forced to take antipsychotics. Would they think a group home is a good idea if the person has history of severe self harm due to delusions and hallucinations. But mostly is good if compliant with meds?

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Can you explain what you’re saying?

No but in the US assisted living is unaffordable unless your a rich boomer


Depends on how you define severe. And how severe. I was in a board & care and worked and went to school. I know other people in group homes I’ve been in who work or went to school too. I think there’s all levels of functioning in group homes from people who stay on the premises most of the time and don’t function well to high functioning. Some people are too severely disabled to be even in a group home.

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Offcourse home is the best option for patients. But if their family members avoid the patient then group home is better.

My enemies would love me in a group home with them as “carers “.

They would suppress and dominate me with hate and say “do as you’re told”.

A so called authoritarian is a gentleman to me and treats me beautifully and loves me while other so called authoritarian are hateful and malicious.

My enemies don’t want me to have a boyfriend or an independence and they don’t want me exercising or having or doing things that are good to and for me.

They are just power crazed arrogant stuck up yucky ones.

They are trying to “govern” me or my body and telling me what I can and can’t do and they are malicious as f. Uc k.
Sometimes they pretend to love and be nice while attacking at same time if that gives them power in their belief.

I lived in a group home temporarily when I was homeless in Sweden.

Group homes in Belgium are for those who are still fairly active and work or volunteer or study.

Psychiatric care homes are for those who don’t participate in society anymore. My uncle is in one.

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They wouldn’t like it if they were all alone and treated that way by everyone .

It’s disgusting behaviour.

There are good group homes I believe with good staff.

As a care worker you are supposed to encourage and support and empower your clients not suppress them and put them down and boss them about .
It’s abusive.

@SacredNeigh7 , you’re not in reality. Please tell your psychiatrist your thoughts about others. You need a med adjustment

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I’m definitely in my reality.:slightly_smiling_face:

How many toes do you have?

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Many toes. But can you touch your nose with your elbows? Who knows :crazy_face:


Lol thats some silly ■■■■


Where I live, group homes are for the severely disabled.
I asked to live in one and I didn’t qualify.


I think it depends on where u live.

If I’d not met my wife in psych hospital I would have eventually ended up in a care/group home.


IDK, I always thought you can’t tickle your own elbows or something like that.

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It’s written down I’ll never be able to live independently. The group home isn’t that bad, we are well looked after, I never have to make doctors appointments, phone calls. The staff do all that. I never go food shopping on my own, always go with someone.

My tips are to support independent living:

  • Hire a cleaner for a regular sort of basis (Every two weeks) - £20 for an hour and a half
  • Pay £4 for the supermarket to deliver the food to my door each week
  • Created a process in a Excel sheet that does my financial calculations - so it manages itself
  • Get a pet like a dog or a cat. They can be really good for you. My dog gets me out of the flat, which without him would never happen
  • Stay med compliant but don’t be afraid to make changes if it doesn’t work for you
  • Find a job where you can get adjustments such as remote working - there are a lot of these kinda jobs post Covid - that takes care of your day time activities
  • Accept help from parents, and once you feel able, engage with social services
  • Where it’s permitted, treat yourself now and again, like with a breakfast or take away dinner!
  • Do not increase expenditure. If you start off working on minimum wage, when you get paid more, save that money for bad times to try and have a damage control for finances
  • I find internet discussion here and elsewhere helps me not be so alone.

But yea, my point is you can have problems, but still keep independent.

Same as coping mechanisms in a way.

If you find something a struggle, then mitigate the problem but being more organised

The list above is not exhaustive - however, it’s my way of keeping the plates spinning


All the tips are good. But, even if I consider the American equivalents, it costs way more to get a cleaner to come and to have groceries delivered where I live.

I don’t know anyone who can get their small home cleaned in 2 hours for less than $100 per cleaning.

There are deals for over $100/year for delivery service for groceries but then they charge way more per food item when you order them delivered so it ends up costing way more. Don’t get me wrong, until 3 months ago, I used grocery delivery for 9 years unless on the rare occasion my husband could go. But the grocery cost was out of control. I was just too afraid to go on my own.