Do you have tactile troubles?

Do you get or have you gotten tactile hallucinations? I still do sometimes. Seems to be the worst of the hallucinations that I can’t shake. They were the first type of hallucinations I experienced too.

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I used to get them really bad. I used to call the them BUMS (Bugs Under My Skin).

APs eventually worked and got rid of them.

Still get some distressing ones here and there.

I don’t have any advice on what to do about them though. Sorry.

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Thanks @anon84763962. I don’t get them nearly as much anymore but they always show back up here and there

I dated a girl for a year who would get angry if I didn’t instantly text her back. She wouldn’t even give me 15 min without accusing me of ignoring her. I think the anxiety of that gave me “phantom vibrations” because I would feel vibrations on my thigh where my phone sat, even if the phone was out of my pocket.

When I split from her the vibrations seemed to go away too.

I have tactile hallucinations. Mainly bugs crawling on or under my skin. But lately (trigger warning for self harm) I keep feeling the sensation of cutting like I can feel the blade and feel like I’m bleeding. But it’s normally in places I haven’t touched in a while.

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