Do you have secret longings?

It is a secret so you do not have to share.

By secret longings I mean like a time when psychotic, emotions from the past you can not forget.
Even though I think I have moved on now with PTSD I still have memories of the emotions.
Certain feeling at a certain time which is in my memory.

Also most of my memories are through psychosis such as anger (I have not felt angry for a very long time now)

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Secret longings from when we were psychotic?

well now that you put it that way :smile:

For me most of my memories are from psychosis which are horrifying but there are some good ones too.

Yes, I miss some of the things from my psychosis. It was a fantastic world…

I am sorry but I have some good memories unfortunately

I have good memories too from psychotic times

I long for some of my memories from before meds or right after, but it’s highly selective, more of an emotion really

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Yeah i am doing my best to finally move on from most.

I have this weird thing where I almost never think about my past at all. The less than immediate part of it, anyway. I also rarely talk about it unless someone asks. It has caused a few problems, but I’m fine with it and I’m fine with not being preoccupied with memories. So, to answer your question: Nope. :wink:

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I really really wanna get better from alogia. To my family members and anyone I meet there is no issue but beneath the surface I am really struggling with this.

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It is not a bad thing really, to just move on and forget. Good job. I hope nothing dangerous :smile:
I am glad to be here where I am right now though.

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My only secret longing is to get to heaven and have beautific vision of the heavenly father.

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