Do you have secret battles within yourself that nobody knows about?

i have lots of skeletons in my closet. i have made lots of mistakes. i have lots of short comings and things i lack. there are so many imperfections in life. no one other than me and God knows what i battle with within myself.

i know there was the ‘do you have fears you dont tell others about’, but i’m making this thread more generic.

what about you?

I don’t shoulder much guilt. I do want to pull my weight in the family though, for starters. But if I can’t yet, I can’t. That’s just me.

When I’m capable, I’ll do these things out of sheer boredom.

My life is one big secret battle. I just have to be okay for my kids so I just keep it all inside.

No, I don’t let anything bother me or turn me into a worry wart. Life’s good, food tastes good, the company of family and friends are good. A simple happy life is the best kind of life. Complex worries just serve to make a person less happy for an extended period of time without any real benefit.

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Yeah, I just take some Ex-Lax and that clears the problem right up.

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I fight lots of battles. Some are real and some are not. My past haunts me a lot and tries to terrify me with scenarios (real or not) where I have to confront the status quo.


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I Have a Battle That is a Deep, Deep, Deep Dark Secret. One That Stems Back to The Day (When I Was Very Young), My Family Left Me Alone at The House.

For The First Time.

I Wasn’t Scared. I Was Finally Free. So. I Stepped in The Living Room. And Looked Around. I Looked at The Television & Radio Sitting By Each Other.

And Slowly Walked up to Their Reach.

Opened The Glass Case Over The Stereo, And Said, ‘What Other Music Exist’s on The Radio’?.

So I Pressed The Small Square Button That Lit up And Smiled.

It Was Playing The Ordinary Music as Always. On The Same Station it Was Always on.

I Began to Slowly Spin The Dial. As The Frequency And Static Burned into Music I Never Heard Before.

I Tilted My Head Like a Puppy as a Woman Began to Sing Something I Never Heard Before.

It Sounded Fun. Hopeful. And I Drew in Nearer Towards The Speakers.

She Became an Artist Embedded into My Psyche as I Listened in Awe.

I Still Remember The Artist.

But!, No One Will Ever Know!.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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Thanks for the welcome @Linate

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Only every time I walk past a pack of Twinkies in the storm. Love those darn things.

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