Do you have recurring hospitalizations?

I’m 51, been sick since I was about 17, and been hospitalized roughly 41 times. I keep going back and going back repeatedly. I didn’t go for ten years and relapsed in 2021 which didn’t go well. I got an elbow injury being thrown to the floor by three psych techs. I acted out violently, I picked up a keyboard and threw it. I don’t know if it hurt anyone, I was blacked out for a moment, I did not make a decision to do that. I controlled myself for so many years and never even yelled except when I was 17. I went back because I felt so alone but being there didn’t help, everyone was screaming, it was bedlam, and the sadness and fear made me act out. I can’t go back. It stopped helping. I go home and get suicidal ideations a few days later. There comes a time, I believe, when you have to stop going back. I can live on my own, I have no choice, it’s that or a mental health prison, they closed all the permanent mental hospitals. I’ll probably end up in a nursing home in about 14 years. I am adjusted to that kind of living. I have no significant other. My family is okay but not extremely close.Sniff.


Should be okay for now. Hopefully as long as I do self-care, keep up with activities at some activity centers/online peer support and medical appointments, I will be more or less stable for now.

Of course, I am still young so ima still have to wait for the damn negatives to hit.


I stopped going to the hospital around 20 years ago.
I just realized that they only offered temporary help and that there was a great risk of them denying me my freedom.
I take my meds religiously and have found other coping skills.
Nowadays the only time I go into a hospital it’s for a clinical trial and I’m being paid to be there.


They can help you once, maybe twice but the third time you are on your own.

I am not going back to hospital either. I got mental health support recently from the outpatient clinic. I am 52 years old. Sz is a nasty disease.


It’s hard to accept that it’s okay in the USA to walk the streets as a psychopath but it’s true the government doesn’t care HOW crazy you are if you are not a danger to yourself or others. So why do I care?

It’s just frightening to me.

I think it’s a realistic danger to get accidentally shot as a sz. Same as I could get into a fight here in Australia.

What does that mean?

You might get lost disoriented to places where you are not welcome.

I wonder if people who are put into solitary confinement get needy like me. I heard it makes them anti social.

I feel like a baby without skin sometimes.

I used to but not for 4 years now.

Have kept out of the hospital

Between 2016-2018 I must have been in there 12 times


In 1980 I had four hospitalizations. I got out and I was fairly stable until I relapsed in 1988 and had four or five more hospitalizations.

I stayed out of the hospital until 2015 when I had a two day blip. Those are my hospitalizations.


From my first hospitalization it took 15 years before i was hospitalized again, but the past three years i have been struggling with depression and have had 4 short hospitalizations and just got out from a week in closed ward. Got infected with covid, and told the staff that i would break down if i had to go through seven days in isolation in small room in closed ward without tv, radio, or anything.

They let me out.

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I haven’t been to the hospital in five years. Prior to that I was in four times for about two weeks each.

Like @eighteyedspy23 I have found my coping mechanisms and try my heart out to keep my freedom.


That’s what I’m thinking. I’ve been hospitalized about 20 times, the last one being eight years ago.

I’ve been in and out of the H constantly since I was 16. The longest dry spell was about 3 years. I actually think they were more helpful 20 years ago when I was in for a couple weeks at a time and they worked with you to develop coping skills… nowadays they just hold you a few days to stabilize you then release you with no real help. They just don’t do any skills training now, just get you out quickly so they can get patients with good insurance.

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I’ve been hospitalized maybe 15 times and I’m 29. Haven’t been hospitalized since may and going to try tk stay out but will go if needed.

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From late 2016 to late 2019 I had maybe 4 hospitalizations a year.

I’ve stayed out of it since then, but there’s been a few times I would have gone if I could.

I think I got too dependent on the hospital for a fix to my problems, but it benefit me more in the long run to learn to tolerate and manage my symptoms instead of running from them.

I’m 31 btw

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