Do you have real friends?

I dont have any. Im completely isolated. I used to but then i went nuts and they wanted nothing to do with me. I cant belive im here in this state in life with no one to turn to i feel terrible. Do u have any true friends?

I was very isolated too. In the meanwhile I met some people… Things are better now. We’re building the friendship. All hope is not lost kazuma


I have few friends, I think I do not have enough energy to have many friends. Sometimes I choose to be alone also. In spite of feeling low energy, I am still open and I believe I have some true friends.


I’ll be your friend, @Kazuma.


Thanks Synack! We should game some fallout sometime if u got a playstation. Always looking for more people to game with. I game like woah lol


Totally! I love Fallout. And I do have a PlayStation. I’ll private message you my username.

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Also if anyone else has a playstation this is an open invitation. Just send me ur stuff and we can hit the sticks. Nice schizoa group of gamers going

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Same here, btw. If you have PSN or Origin send me your info and I’ll add you.

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That depends on what you mean by the word “friends”. I have people with whom I am amiable, but I don’t really feel close to anyone right now.

A real friend in my opinion is someone u could trust. Someone that u could say anything to and still feel comfortable with. The person who has ur back even through hard times and knows when to teasemu and when to not


Friends are hard for me. I have to be careful to not expect too much from people, and I can’t allow them to expect too much from me. I have people I eat lunch with at work, and I have a friend whom I’ve known since high school, but none of them is a close and trusted friend in the sense that I could count on them at any given time. In my many years, friends and acquaintances have come and gone. It’s normal to experience ebbs and flows in friendships. Where some friends can be with you in some circumstances, others can’t. If literally none of your friends can be there for you now, then you are in between friends, and you will find new friends who fit new stages in your life.


I used to have no friends. My late GFs brother was in Korea, stationed on the DMZ for three years, during that time I had family only. It was horrible. Then I moved into an apartment with a guy, and he became someone I could trust. Then my best friend, my late GFs brother, came home and retired from the Corps. With their help I started dating again, met a girl, it didn’t work out. Met another girl, fell in love with her roommate, dumped the psycho I was with after she accused me of stealing her eggs while she was sleeping, and am now with my current GF who I love very much and trust enough to make her my medical emergency representative. (if for some reason I am unable to make decisions myself she makes them for me)

No, I bite…


U actually seem pretty socially adept. I wish i was like that

it may seem that way to you, but in reality, I am not. I do one of two things when meeting someone for the first time, I either talk incessantly, driving them nuts, or I sit in absolute silence while staring at them, which creeps them out. To be wholy honest I am surprised that my GF wanted to talk to me after that first meeting because I almost made her ears bleed…

Oh. I guess dont judge a book by its cover applies here. And yea i normally stay quiet im pretty shy. And who would want an extremely tall lanky shy schizoa person who still sleeps with a stuffed animal because hes so alone at night anyway, especially in college. No one wants that in their life. Being a brain damaged misfit is really quite hard. But u inspire me to at least try

It’s a phase that passes man…

you gotta find the palces that put you around your crowd.

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Thanks. I try and i like a lot of stuff but i just don’t seem to fit in any one group quite well. Hence misfit.

ummm to tell you? in college I was skinny and slept with a stuffed wolf, and my GF loved me anyway. Actually in college I looked like I belonged on a sports team or something.

These days I am fat (I am actually 100 pounds over weight) and I STILL sleep with my stuffed wolf. It was a present from my Grandfather, ive always had one, sicne I was born, and sleeping without one makes me mental, literally…

So let me tell you, a sensitive guy that sleeps with a stuffy? there are plenty of women looking for a man they can nurture.


That helped a lot thanks. Ill just keep my mind open to other people and i need to approach people more i guess and be a little less extreme in class. Sometimes i blurt out stuff i really regret later