Do you have parents, who are negative on your recovery?

My mom is ultra sure, that i’ll always suffer. Why is she like that? I never heard of any other parent, who was saying to his kid, that he’ll always be ill and in pain :confused:


i’m lucky that my parents are mostly positive…
they always try to help me…

i’m sorry to hear that your mum is like this… so negative…


Unfortunately it is actually the exact same for me.

Mother also. The constantly get derogatory comments and aggression against me. Belittled regularly too. It’s toxic in every way. Very manipulative.


I need to know what kind of psychology our parents have in their minds to be like this with us? Maybe they suffer from the stigma on the mi or what?
I know, that ive wrote too many messages on this now, but all my ill friends parents are exactly the opposite of mine… Its unfair, i dont deserve this…

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In the case of my mum I know she has sociopathy. I learnt from young, or sensed it young.

People project. Some more than others. It’s not nice to be on the receiving end of someone else’s projections.

People tend to see things they cannot handle about their own psyche then they project those feelings or fears onto others. A lot of the time those projections is the result of the subconscious mind.

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My mother is very supportive in regards to my mental wellbeing she is very religious though and sometimes it bothers me when she goes on about god helping me but she stopped me from quitting risperidone as i wanted to do.

I see. I admit, that i probably turned quite jealous from my friends, because their parents are different. But its my problem i think… Ok, my mom has this opinion, but i shouldnt envy the others either :confused: … I guess the real recovery is to accept even this yeah… My mom keeps saying that she loves me and even still does my food, while she is old and tired…
But i boil when she says, that i’ll always be in pain yeap… I guess i am just still sick too…


Maybe your mom wants to annoy you, in order for you to fight more for recovery. I’m sure she loves you.

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I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have to hear that…My parents don’t even acknowledge my illness and think i don’t have it despite getting diagnosed.


A parental comment in the early years of being ill.

Perhaps in a 100 years they’ll find a cure.

A comment from a psych nurse in those early years
( not verbatim but near enough) .

Don’t read that book it’ll tax your brain too much.

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