Do you have more feeling for Happy or Sad songs?:P

Do you have more feel on Sad song or Happy song?

I have more feeling when listening to tough,sad song lol

sad or gloomy i have more feeling. probably because i have lot of dark angry feelings inside due to the illness

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I’ve had too much sorrow in my life. (self inflicted… true) But I don’t want more sad things. I’ve been trying to get away from the darkness in my mind.

I go for happy songs… unless it’s classical… then the dramatic music is perfect.

There is one band out there that is a bit triggering for me… but it’s pure euphoric in the sneaky brained thinking… it’s a feel good band for sure.

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but i still love this song it puts me in a good mood,

I love this song, my favorite lately

The range of music written by Peter Gabriel has my attention. I Grieve In Your Eyes Sledgehammer

I prefer happy songs. I don’t like or listen to too many sad songs.

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