Do you have lower latent inhibition?

And, did you have it before psychosis?

I have a lower latent inhibition since childhood.

My doctor thought I have schizophrenia since I was a child. However, I think it can exist independently of schizophrenia, and, indeed, in some people it does. However, latent inhibition tends to go away at onset of psychosis. Do you have a lower LLI.

I sometimes have trouble ignoring background noise such as the ticking of a clock. Same with distractions in general.

It can be a symptom of ADHD too. It didn’t get worse for me with the advent of psychosis.

On the other hand, I often fall asleep with music playing.



I cannot deal with excessive noise, light, or movement in my environment in many situations.

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I get sensory overload often. It’s a pain but it passes

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If you want instant sensory overload try 2 grams of sarcosine under the tongue lol. I learned that the fun way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My daughter once used half the bag of sarcosine as sweetner in homemade iced tea. I had two glasses before I found out. It was not a pleasant evening.

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Oh man that woulda been tense.

So, you are suggesting that the background noise problem can be because of ADD?

I have always suspected ADD. But, I don’t know, the doctors are very skeptical when I say I have symptoms of ADD.

That’s not what I had in mind, as I don’t recall reading about this problem in association with ADD. However, now that I think of it, maybe – it can be regarded as a problem with attention regulation.


I don’t know. I thought it might be because of ADD, too. But, from what I understand based on the current, existing research, is that it is more related to a lower latent inhibition and psychosis.

However, I must say, our understanding is quite limited. I also think it may be related to ADD after all is said and done.

Its because of ASD for me. This was a problem for me in grade school many years before the onset of SZ. I don’t have ADD.

How do they treat ASD?

They don’t in my case. I’m too high functioning and get ignored as there is not enough $$$ in the budget even for those who are low functioning. Wasn’t diagnosed as a kid, just labeled as a problem.

I see. I suspect I may have it but because I am functional I don’t really care.

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