Do you have legitimate reasons to fear someone is trying to kill you

I do. This week i went to the grocery store when i got back and pulled into my driveway i saw a white male in a sedan with dark glasses, a baseball cap, and black gloves on. My brotreaher was concerned also because he appeared suspicious and threattening so he went over to the car and the man had a laptop computer with him and a gun on his hip. My brothere questioned him and he claimed to be waiting for my neighbor whose truck wasn’t there. Please note it as 65 degrees outside and the guyhad on a t shirt so no need for black gloves. Within 10 mins of getting into the house and discussing it with my brother the car pulled off. We never heard the neighbors truck which is loud pull up or never saw it pull up before the threatening man left. This is not a story or made up in anyway this is purely fact.

Also each apt gets 2 parking spaces 1 permanent and 1 visitors the car was parked in my usual parking spot.

I would be suspicious of something like that, if someone with a gun was parked in front of my house. It may have nothing to do with you and maybe you just scared him off from doing some nefarious deed to someone else. Who knows? If you have done nothing to provoke anybody or otherwise cause trouble I doubt that person was after you. If you have not given anybody any reason to want to kill you than chances are it was not meant for you.


Thanks 77nick77. I haven’t given anyone any reason to kill me and i also haven’t given anyone any reason to torture me. I know that sounds weird but I’m feeling healthier than i have in a long time and why i have to think things through as anyone else would it would not be smart to ignore it especially in light of all of my experiences combined. I want to be smart not blind.

Hi - you really need to get help quickly. It really sounds like you’re being paranoid - please discuss with your psychiatrist.

Another smart thing you can do is get in with your psychiatrist. It sounds like you are being hyper-sensitive and paranoid. Share these thoughts with your psychiatrist please.

Now these guys have me wondering. You and your brother are positive it was a gun you saw, right? It could have been a cop.

I am thinking it was a cop too, but seeing a guy with a gun in a car that is parked in front of my house - this would make anyone paranoid, SZ or not.
Cops make me paranoid too

I’m a lot less afraid of cops now that I don’t do anything illegal. But I’m trying not to look at police brutality videos anymore on YouTube. That stuff will make you paranoid!

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I remember in 1988 leaving a crack house when morning came and getting in my car with a girl. A car was parked opposite of us with two guys inside staring at us. She waved and they got out and walked over to us and identified themselves as members of the cities undercover drug task force. I remember thinking it was funny because it said “------City Task Force” on the side of their car. What kind of undercover is it that has it written in big black letters on the side of their car?

This is hilarious. I have been posting here for over 2 years and never have i felt more disrespected and disregarded. It was not paranoia or delusion. Both my brother and i experienced this Saturday afternoon 1:30pm Nashville, TN. Admin, you give me pause and really make me wonder what the purpose of this site truly is. I think I’ve said enough. You won’t see me visiting here anytime soon but i get the feeling that that was your intention.

Admin is not out to get you, and neither am I. Let’s call a spade a spade: you sounded paranoid in your post, and that’s why I, speaking for myself, responded the way I did. Your notion that Admin wants you gone is further evidence of paranoia. What reason does he have for wanting to chase you away? I’m curious as to what your answer would be.

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That was his opinion, wrong or right. I think you should stick around.

I wrote that to double check. Even so-called “normal” people could have mistaken something else on the guys belt for a gun. But if you and your brother know what you saw, that’s what counts. I am not calling you delusional. All I was saying is that you could have been mistaken, you could have been right.

Yes, yes i do have a legitimate reason to fear and believe this.

They have made it very clear what they want from me to.

If they wanted to do it themselves it would have been done long ago. They want me to do it they said.

My chakras are constantly poisoned by them as well, putting the negative in the energy centers repeatedly, smacking me around much of the time. You know those feelings, in the heart area, the stomach, center of the forehead, they ■■■■■■■ me up bad it seems.

Come to think of it now, right before getting booted into the streets and left for dead in the bitter cold i was grabbed on my shoulder by no one at all.

They are going to see me dead.

The mentally ill are a lot likelier to be the victims of violence than the delusional perpertrators. By the way I have been a high functioning sza for most of the past 10 years since being diagnosed holding down a job, 2 a one point for most of the past 10 years along with getting a Masters. I have a history of knowing the difference between what is real and what is not .

A question for the Admin and others who replied to my post: Since being a member of have you ever read a post where someone expressed the fear of being harmed and you believed that someone was actually trying to harm the person who expressed the concern? Please think about it first then post your response to this question. Also another thing i noticed is that hardly any of you answered my initial question.

If you’re really worried someone might have been watching you, or really wondering if it were an undercover cop or something of that nature, couldn’t you call the police’s non-emergency line (in your area, wherever that maybe I believe every precinct in America has their own non-emergency line, you can look up in your phone book or even see if t’s on your local police’s website).

You can call say something like, I think I had an undercover cop in my apartment’s parking lot, and I was wondering if I could have any information. Or if it wasn’t a cop you could say I believe someone’s been following me, and ask if you could get extra patrol in your area or report the vehicle you saw and say you found it very suspicious looking. Or if you don’t get anywhere on the phone, you can always walk into your station and ask to speak to someone about the matter.

I’m not going to say you may have been paranoid. I wasn’t there so I can’t fully understand what happened. All I can go on is your post. If I was really worried about this guy in your apartment complex that shouldn’t have been there then you have just cause to go to the police…even if you were overly paranoid. Let the police decide that.

Why would you think this person would want to kill or torture you? His behavior might be suspicious, but you apparently don’t know him or think you have any cause to be anger him. It’s a jump in logic to think that he might cause you harm.

Why would you go to a sz forum to ask this question? Why not the police, or some other authority other than your brother? Did you think to get a license plate? Did your brother ask his name or ask for ID? Did you contact your neighbor to check his story?

There are various reasons why someone might carry a gun even if they aren’t a police officer. In my state it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon with a permit.

Im a mechanic, and have several customers who have left there gun in there car as I worked on them. all I know better to not read into it. When the gun is on the hip there’s less of a chance for worry.

I was in the grocery the other day, there was a guy there was a guy there with a gun on his hip, I just blew it off.

This is exactly why I am paranoid