Do you have insight and or accept your diagnosis?

Apparently I have partial insight. I don’t accept that I have psychosis at present thoughave but I have had it in the pass

I have insight now after a good clip on meds.

You do display with serious delusions…Just from what you believe. Take the pills and keep your mind open…it’s not an easy process but we’ve mostly all been there before…

I wanted to cut my dick off in a moment of madness…I’m certainly glad I didn’t do that now!


Wow that’s scary. I am taking meds but not much effect at the moment. But to be honest I know it’s not a delusion they’re not my hands. I’m going to prove it and expose the police and shadow government. I’m not gonna be a pawn in their chess game. They’re just scared that when I become God that I will strike them and ruin the plans of destrucation of the simulation. They want to make me look crazy discredit me imprison me and kill me. I’m tormented.

Yeah it all seems real…that is why they call them delusional!

Seriously. The cops are way too busy but your mind only sees something that is ephemeral…most of us have been there…ASIO ( the Australian version of the CIA ) were programing birds to fly past me with microtransmitters to keep an eye on me. Still remember the problems I had when I hit a golf ball into a duck on the 9th fairway at Caboolture Golf course…I thought they’d jump out of the bushes and kill me…

But that didn’t happen!

Please. You don’t have to believe me now but listen to your treatment team and take the medications!

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Yeah don’t play too long with delusions no matter how deep you are into them. It never ends good. You’ll just have a longer walk back to true reality with a little more shame the further you go.

I know what it feels like to feel like you’re on a quest for truth but there is no truth in the delusions. It’s like a race in cartoon shows when a character flips a sign around to make people turn when they shouldn’t went straight.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what made you want to cut your dick off? I’m interested.


Same lmao hahahaha

It’s not funny, really.

long story…Some serious paranioa and some delusional thinking! A few failed relationships and I was there…funny how the mind works!

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The Psychiatrists think I have somatic delusions…that’s why i’m asking. Sorry you went through that.

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I wasnt being rude. Im sure he laughs about it looking back. I laugh about alot of the stupid ■■■■ I’ve done and thought.

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It’s a weird thing. It’s like the ladies with self harm.

A lot of that is learned from the wards…you see these copy cats saying i self harm without having any idea- it drives me crazy!

You get delusional and you want to self harm it’s some serious negative thinking on your person. I didn’t feel worthy or sexually available. I blamed everything but an underlying mental illness. Wanting to harm yourself isn’t cool. It’s how some react to some series mental pain. I got well…that is the only good thing to come out of that thinking…and it took some time!

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Yeah, I’ve never hurt myself. Except once when I got a girl burn a cigarette into my arm when I was super drunk.

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I’ve had something similar I thought animals had cameras in their eyes and we’re spYing on me for the government and police. Also the birds would send messages along to other birds to activate it.

I ended up disecting thiso baby bird that was outside the neighbours house (who I think are surveillancing me for them) found no cameras obviously they trI’d to trick me.

My intuition tells me I’m right and I trust myself. I go on this site to communicate with people who have experienced similar things and for support. Really I have no one else to talk to apart from my medical team. I am taking aps though.


Id like to know aswell

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When I had my episode I didn’t know what psychosis was. But somthing felt off. Usually it’s coming out of it when I realise I was in psychosis.

Good morning :smiley:

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I have very little insight into my illness. But I’m pretty paranoid.

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It’s nearly 8.30 here in Nz tonight. I never knew too. I think that’s why I was left phscotic for so long. I felt fine. I also denied a few things as I didn’t want to go to hospital as I thought it was like one flew over the cuckoos nest.

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I live in Australia. It’s 6:30 here. I’m still pretty scared of the psych ward. Not as scared as I used to be.

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I get compulsive thoughts about the hands. I’ve poured boiling water on them, dropped onto them couches tables etc I’ve tried to saw them off or with a fish baiting knife.

I ended up with a broken metacarpal sore risks and burns. Jack told me that the hands are going to infect my body and that I need to cut then off. Also they disgust me so much. I hate touching myself (not in a dirty way) and eating with them