Do you have flashbacks often to certain events

I dunno it could be ptsd. But there are a few events I relive in my head almost every day. Some weren’t traumatic per say. But definitely made a huge impact on my life. Like 2012 when the group I was in had me convinced I was the chosen one. I relive that group OVER AND OVER in my mind. I dunno if this one guy is even alive for all I know…but I remember 3-4 things he said to/or about me. I always hear his voice in my head saying the same 3 phrases.

When I had a bad lsd trip and my friend says “your ego” and I said “I know!!” I always relive in my head. I always look in the mirror and say out loud “I know!!!” For some reason to try to get a better idea of what happened.

Also from childhood I still have memories of my worst trauma. I think about it a lot. Not so much the implications anymore but I relive the event In my head.

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Same here I guess mixed in with delusions of past and other existences…

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Do you think if you relive memories over and over in your head it is “ptsd flashbacks” that they speak of??

Someone told me their ptsd flashbacks were more intense than just reliving over and over and memories. The way they described it they have like outer body experiences like they relive these memories in a different dimension or something. I couldn’t relate to that so I didn’t think I was getting ptsd flashbacks but maybe I do if it’s the same 3 events over and over.

I have no clue. I was never diagnosed with PTSD. I was initially diagnosed with acute stress disorder but I guess it never developed into PTSD? I had really bad panic attacks, derealization, and depersonalization. A few times, I could see myself from third person point of view. I remember on the news, TV, or ‘projector’ they said I had PTSD and schizophrenia, stuff I’ve been trying to get across to people. Some have suggested I don’t even have schizophrenia but just bipolar. I’ve been trying to cure myself or deprogram myself independently. I don’t trust other people’s methods and I just don’t trust people. Plus, I’m poor and I’m tired of incompetent therapists and doctors who just spend 5 minutes of their time with me.

Officially, 8 years ago I smoked an unknown substance and went crazy but then I remember ‘other’ stuff that is strange. Can’t tell if it really happened or not. I remember stuff from other dimensions and living in different dimensions, especially after I wake up from my dreams not knowing or remembering.

Officially, I cannot put down on my paperwork that ‘they’ gave me lsd and other bad stuff (mk-ultra delusion among others) because there is no evidence, I feel embarrassed, and it would be disingenuous. I have thousands of memories of many people and conversations and such.

It’s possible I’m currently not suffering from PTSD or any ailment anymore except delusions and low motivation and stuff like obesity and high cholesterol.

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You could have ptsd from delusions. I don’t know. My therapist never tells me straight up i have ptsd. She said stuff like “do you think it’s because you have ptsd?” And I say “I think generally it would be that way if because someone has ptsd”. But I take the focus away from myself. I don’t care if I have ptsd or not too much. A diagnosis or not is not gonna take away or add to my struggles. It is what it is. And only god can judge me not a diagnosis. But I wonder sometimes if I have ptsd.

Seems the more I try to run away from it, it always comes back. And when I work on it it helps a bit. Emdr usually helps. Once we did too much and it made me depressed and all the ptsd symptoms became even more apparent than usual. But most the time it works.

And I think I’ll always have memories. But they don’t bother me as much as they used to which is good.

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Maybe the reason I always think about the time they told me I was the chosen one because it’s the reason for my delusions. Like I said “you can get ptsd from delusions”.

I never thought of that. So truth is you’ve helped me understand this was a trauma a bit…what lead me to believe in my delusions. Even though it was a “positive delusion”. “I’m the chosen one!!” It’s still traumatic what caused me to believe it a bit.

There are some good memories involved in this one. Rewarding, strengthening, helpful memories. But my mind always goes here. It’s like I’m back in a dream land I once visited in real life.

Ya except I may not be 100% delusional. I am immortal in a sense. Physically, I died too many times but my consciousness survives despite the trauma. I keep reincarnation to the year 2013. I wrote the letter in college in 2011 or something and those ■■■■■■■■ keep sending me to the year 2013 instead. The trauma or torture i went through was so bad it drove me insane. I’m surprised i survived. According to montauk survivor interviews, only 1 out of 100 people survive the abuse. I guess aliens and others were involved. No evidence or physical Mark’s and no one believes me or investigates despite myself being watched.

So I’m sure if you remember past lives so clearly, as an abuse, then it could definitely be a trauma.

I don’t think I’m fully qualified to comment on your situation. But I know it sounds hard to deal with whatever it is!!! I’m glad you keep an open mind that it may all not be real.

Either way you’ve been through some ■■■■!!

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Yes i got triggers which bring up past traumetic events. But after all it saves me from repeating the same mistake over and over again. When the student is ready the teacher will come. Life repeatedly gives you the same lesson till you learn and move on to the next lesson. Nothing changed in nature. We are still prey and vulnerable to the unknown. It’s scary but you can learn to be one with nature and its nice. Riding one wave after the other. All you need to do is wait and cool off till the next wave comes. Up to you to ride it. It’s optional. It seems you got an procrastination problem. Perhaps it’s time to grow up. You still can be a 16 year old, the other living years are lifeexperience.

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