Do you have enemies?

Those people can ■■■■ them selves in the ass they just negative people you want to avoid, surround yourself with positive people that similar goals as you. what matters is you and your goals. Dont let anyone stop you from goals and dreams not anyone. Never give up thats my slogan. No ones a failure if you keep getting up.

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Yeah, in sixth grade maybe, lol.

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I don’t make myself enemies so no I don’t have.

Yes. I have lots of enemies and don’t know who they all are. I’ve had a lot of stalkers who made me very sick. I’ve insulted them often, because I can’t help it and they’re out for revenge. They also constantly lie and pretend to be involved with me.

Mine are all from years ago.

Now I don’t really socialise outside of family.

Not getting involved in all the stuff going on around me protects me from harm to some degree.

When I used to ‘let people in’, they exploited me - and now I know that because of my Autism that it was easy for them to do.

Being aware of ASD now vindicates my policy on not getting involved with others. It makes things too complicated

Yeah but if you have an “enemy,” just don’t hang out around them anymore. The only logical reason to have an enemy in your life is if you’re forced to live with them. My stepdad was a major antagonist in my life but I was living with him so I couldn’t do anything about it… until I could, and then I moved to California, wooooo! No more enmity.

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I’ve made lots of enemies but whatever at this point I don’t care anymore

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nice slogan. I can understand this way of thinking. do you want to know what is my slogan?
nothing is real, therefore all is a dream, therefore dream your life.
I actually know that reality is a sort of a dream of the emptiness. so its make sense.

I don’t have anyone I view as an enemy.

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I don’t hate anyone but I believe I am hated by quiet a few.

Reasons they hate me could be jealousy or they find me annoying.
Or they judge me without knowing but assuming.

I try to avoid them and stay away from haters.

My stepdad I had was abusive and others too.
I was hated and bullied as a teenager in Onsala and that hurt.i didn’t get much love but daily hate and nasty words.
Today I would rather be alone than around people who treat me that way but back then I put up with it because I loved the girls but they were not always nice and they hung out with the boys that hated on me.

When I had voices every one was probably my enemy and I was a experiment etc
Was painful agonising.

I don’t hate anyone.
There are some people I’m not keen on and avoid.

Maybe some I don’t know about. That’s what’s scary.

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Before effective meds, the whole world was hostile and against me. Now, not so.

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My enemy is the one messes with me telepathically and turns the world against me.

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Yes, I think I have enemies. I’m not sure if it is totally true though.

yes, I can see why lol. I don’t take them :zipper_mouth_face:

oh i hate those beings… i have above me one of the gods of the sun against me. he turning to turn people to be a nasty and curl to me.

When I figure out how to see through people ill be a god too