Do you have dystonia?

Whether your dystonia is or isn’t caused by antipsychotics, I guess that doesn’t really matter. I just can’t find a good & active online community for dystonia. :frowning:

I have cervical dystonia, caused by long-term antipsychotic use. I’m totally pro-taking-your-meds, just putting that out there. I just need advice and people to talk to about dystonia, especially cervical dystonia. I feel very alone.

My neck has been really hurting, even more since increasing my Latuda. My neck muscles are always extremely tight, leading to pain & headaches. When I’m stressed or really relaxed, I tend to cock my head to the left or sway my head back and forth, like a head tremor.

TL;DR: If you have dystonia, do you have any advice? About living with it, ways to reduce pain or tension, or ways to alleviate the postures and movements when not in the privacy of your own home??

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