Do you have difficulty doing things?

I find it difficult to drive, take a shower, eat, live life… all seem so difficult.


depression is gone but I suffer from negative symptoms. is it negative symptoms that make it so difficult?

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yes it’s the negatives.

You fight depression. They can feed your symptoms so keep that on a keel!

Always. Talk to your shrink. Keep active. Half an hour walk for three times a week is good. Walk fast. Keep it constant.

Does wonders for your heart and health!


I used to walk real fast but now I have no motivation… I just lay on the couch. thx anyway…

I feel the same way except for driving , cause I like driving, and I’m not depressed either. The shower is my nemisis

I can’t drive even though I used to love it…

I too have negative symptoms a lot…i find difficult to wake early in the morning to brush to take shower and initiate any work…how are u my dear friend @Om_Sadasiva …i think ur family is rich right… i belong to middle class family my parents are poor …i can bearly hand to mouth…

we are an average family. not rich. I tried working but it’s too hard. do you have any job?

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I have lots of job opprrtunity …but i cant work due to negative symptoms.

My brain is super slow…i also have slow processing speed…i barely understand what other saying to me…so job looks impossible to me…may be in next life i would born healthy…

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Do you have cognitive difficulties?

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Yes i have lot of cognitive difficulties …what about you…

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All day everyday.

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