Do you have diabetes ? Other complications from antipsychotics?

I developed diabetes over year after gaining 50lbs on risperdal. It has been a battle. I also suffer now from back aches from carrying the extra weight. In ten years of being on antipsychotics I have gained 100 lbs. Now my metabolism is very slow and an extreme amount of movement is needed to stoke the “fire”. My eyesight has become poorer, although I am not sure how much is age and how much is medication. My sleep cycle is off. Antipsychotics have done a number on me, I could go on, but I’d like to hear from you.

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The pharmaceutical companies have got to be developing safer and effective antipsychotics.
Risperdal was a Godsend to me - it makes me function at decent levels, but with a lot of side effects.

Setting weight gain aside - I am now starting to lose a significant amount of weight, even on Risperdal.
I am more concerned about the Diabetes I have developed from being on the antipsychotics.
These drug raise blood glucose levels and slow down the metabolism.

My new concern, and its a significant one, is that the Risperdal at doses over 2.5 mg will start agitating me and increases my hear rate - this is becoming a cardiac issue, this is completely unacceptable to me.

I will be discussing this with my pdoc next week, I will probably have to switch to another AP, but many of the other AP’s mess with your heart rhythm as well - this is getting really frustrating :angry:

I have high holesterol (the one that is bad), and low one (the one that is good).

I was diagnosed recently with type two diabetes so diet and (that much dreaded) exercise routine is greatly needed if I want to improve my life. I have been on Risperdone 2 mg a day for many years and it works great, but I don’t understand how a medication can make us get up off our butts and then make us walk to the frig to grab some goodies to stuff our mouths with. That medication is not that strong, so with that in mind if we want to loose weight, we will just have to suffer a bit just like we do when ever we try to quit drinking and or smoking. Just don’t EAT! a lot of bad carbs(simple sugary foods and you will loose all the weight that you desire. I do not like what I look like and am embarrassed to see a doctor about my spinal problem because there are usually young nurses there and I still look like I’m 9 months pregnant, although I quit drinking and smoking , but now the little demons are finding another way to destroy me. hahaaaha

It’s very high time that the pdocs realize that these meds that they believe are to help us actually harm us and cause us more problems than even the symptoms seem to do. I have sworn off meds even Tylenol for a headache or even vitamins although I have some. I throw up when I take any pills now for any reason. Even when I did take the meds; the symptoms came through and the side and adverse effects were absolutely dangerous to my health. If I want to a live long and healthy life; I must do without the meds. The meds are no longer the answer. What do I do now? I am learning CBT. I am trying to eat healthy. I try to walk everyday. I read spiritual and healing books. I am working with the Myers-Brigg typology. She emphasized differences as healthy rather than a sickness and unhealthy. I am mostly an INSP; maybe a little bit INFP. I read books on cowboys and cowgirls. I am cowgirl tough! I talk to the animals. I talk to my cat. Maybe, someday, I will get a horse. I live in n apartment now. I read books on horses, too. I have even studied astrology. I talk to my therapist. I know it is not an easy road. I know they say there is a risk for relapse. But, that is what they say, not what I say. I am determined. I am resolved. I pray and am starting back on my daily morning internet meditation. I have faith. When ,I start thinking a bad thought or that I am bad, I mmediately convince myself otherwise. My mother may not agree; but, so what! I know that the path to health and wholeness is through being myself and following my life path and purpose. Nothing is easy. There are no easy solutions, but, it is an alternative that I think many more will have to consider.

I gained about 50 pounds also and developed type 2 diabetes on Respiridone. But diabetes runs in my family so not sure if psyche meds caused it. Am on Latuda because Resperidone was no longer helping positive symptoms. Have lost weight only by changing eating habits but still crave carbs and give in now and then. Wishing you success with your health.

I know what you are saying. I have gained so much weight and I know eventually I will become diabetic. I try my best to eat right and I am an active person but I can’t seem lose any weight. I hate myself. I think I look disgusting although people tell me I’m beautiful. I considered getting a bypass privately but my appetite can vary so much that I didn’t think it would be a solution to the problem. Then I have the issue of excess skin. I take the medication to keep people around me happy. I know if I stopped the meds the weight would fall off me.

I am so sorry, sunflower, that you hate yourself. Please don’t hate yourself. I know you have great both inner and outer. I am upset and very concerned that something (an anti-psychotic medication) that was supposed to help you has turned against so that you now have such horribly negative thoughts and feelings about youraelf. I can’t tell you what to do about stopping the meds. I have stopped mine. I am now working with cbt on my own. I really like to walk. You might go take a walk. Walking is good for mind, body, and spirit. Good luck. My thoughts are with you.

I also had to stop. I cannot tolerate any med, painkillers at most. Im looking into bio feedback, its supposed to help even on high blood pressure. I wish I stopped meds sooner though. But I had no support. By the way check out this site, its about this very thing.

Thank you so very much for referring me to beyondmeds website. It was very helpful and informative. I signed up for their email newsletter. I also got linked to the Mad in America website. I read an interesting article/ blog on that website from someone who had stopped her meds. She had been not only a patient; but, a social worker. She wrote how the meds put you in a fog and make you apathetic, take away your energy, and of course, the villain of weight gain. This made me think: many times; they blame the symptoms on the illness; especially apathy and lack of energy when it is most probably the medication. Then, they do us more damage by prescribing us even more dangerous medication. Please check out that Mad in America site. It has a lot of good and helpful information. We really don’t know the long-tern effects of these meds, do we, yet they don’t even think twice before prescribing them I signed up for the Mad in America email newsletter. It is very hopeful and very interesting to me that I am not the only one on this planet asking the same queations. We are not alone! There are people out there who are feeling and experiencing the same things we are! Some people are beginning to point out that these psychiatric medications are truly more damaging and dangerous to our health and well-being than the mental illnesses themselves. There is hope! There are other ways to a “successful recovery” that are drug free and are healthy for us. It is time for us to speak up and be counted. We no longer have to take the abuse and by the grace of God, the Creator, I am not. I live and I am whole and healthy!

No question that Risperdal risperidone is risky business compared to the newer atypical anti-Ps. A lot of people are still taking the stuff because 1) it works when some others meds don’t, and 2) it’s been inexpensive compared to the newer meds (like Seroquel quetiapine, Abilify arapiprasole and Latuda lurasidone). But a lot of the newer meds (Seroquel and Abilify included) are now available generically… and far less expensively… so alternatives to Risperdal are available.

I think that you should seperate side effects from mad in america. Many people on this forum take meds without adverse effects, and I probably also would have done this if I could. I do agree completely with what you are saying though. Im just pointing out, that taking meds can be a solution for many people.

I donated 5 dollars to

I think that you have many good points and for some medications can work wonders and be a lifesaver. However, I found the mad in America website to be very uplifting, optimistic, hopeful, and a lifesaver to me. I have basically been on and off the meds since I was in the hospital in Spring of 2013. After reading the mad in America website, I know that I will be alright and that this is the very beat for my health and long life. Thank you for your concern and pointing this out to me. I just feel that for many, maybe most of us there are safer alternatives than the medications prescribed us. This is only beginning to be explored. Mad in America does seek to do this. Take care, my friend.

I also believe there is some definite truth and reality to what I read on the mad in America website.

I like the site also, but I am a little worried with scientologys involvment in the anti psychiatry movement. I mean if it were some other christian organisation it would be ok, but scientology, I dont know.

I think you are right to be worried about scientology’s involvement in the anti-psychiatry movement. I have heard of their tendency to torture people to get them off the medications. This is extremely harmful, also. I also worried about some American Christian fundamentalist groups who attribute mental illnesses to being sinful and actually being punished for their sins because these people are not following their narrow prescribed ways of Christianity, I do not go to Church; but, I am developing a sort of eclectic spiritual orientation and recognize the need for a Higher Power, Great Spirit, or God in my life. I do not believe these Christian fundamentalist organizations are following the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was all about Love and Love is necessary for our healing and recovery. I am not sure about the “sin” part. Some groups obsess on sin and that is dangerous. There is a lot to learn and be studied on this path of no psychiatric medications. As with anything else, when you see or read anything anywhere, you need to go with your “gut” There is no easy solution; but, I know that taking the meds is no good for me at all and may not be for others. Each day, I keep learning and growing, feeling better, and challenging myself. I am a cowgirl without a horse. I believe in Cowgirl Up and Cowgirl Tough. I am recovering my toughness. I will not only survive or even live; I will thrive and reclaim myself again and be happy and healthy again. This is my true destiny.


Thanks. I am only getting samples of Latuda or could not afford it. Good to know other new options are generic.

“I think you are right to be worried about scientology’s involvement in the anti-psychiatry movement.”

Couldn’t agree more… but I’m also worried about how CoS talks out both sides of its mouth. Scientology fronts are buying up substance abuse and other specialized treatment facilities left and right, especially those that treat children and adolescents. CoS uses them as “portals” to very slowly and subtly normalize the minds of the pts to CoS ideas, even though Scientology and Dianetics are never mentioned. I have actually known (well) a sz pt who lived in one of these places and got sicker and sicker.

David M. is probably the single most cynical human being I’ve ever studied.

When, I was reading the posts on the Mad in America website; they did not see scientology as an answer. I refuse to capitalize the word. They also saw it as dangerous and basically attracting and for the wealthy. I still feel very much that we must examine the use of anti-psychotics and other psychiatric medication in treatment and recovery. For many and that includes me, it is highly toxic and dangerous. I am not saying that it could be helpful and for some necessary. But, this automatic prescribing of medication without any conscious or consideration of the consequences seems highly unethical and possibly abusive. The more years, the more medications, and the higher dosages made my symptoms worse. In fact, I believe that these meds started to cause symptoms that I never would have had. Then they were also the adverse side effects. The other question, I have, do we really know and understand the long term effects of the usage of the medications on mind and body. Up until the about the 1960s or 1970s, doctors were tauting cigarettes as healthy! No WWII soldier went to battle without his cigarettes. Now, look all the damage and sickness they have caused people. Most of the medications have only been in use since maybe about 1990. That is less than thirty years; about less than a generation. What do we really know? It, to me, is frightening and sometimes, I do get angry. But, then, I think and change my thought pattern. Always think before taking anything at face value. It is critical thinking as my high school English teacher would say.