Do you have days off from hallucinations and delusions?

Or do you have hallus and delus every day?

I still hear a voice no matter how much Geodon I’m in and will see visuals with thoughts. I have no delusions anymore thankfully. The delusions were pretty bad.


Of course i have symptoms-free days.


I briefly had breaks when I took Latuda and when I first moved into the group home. When I used to take vacations the voices would say nothing more than an occasional “Do you care? Are you aware?”

No I don’t. Voices every day. Sometimes intense. Sometimes just a couple of minutes a day.

But I haven’t had delusions in years.

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Constantly to both. Getting on mood stabilizers a couple years ago gave me insight on many of my most intense reality-altering delusions though, I can’t begin to explain the relief I felt when it all started to drop away

Nowadays it’s… I wouldn’t call it manageable but I’m not getting into trouble or destroying relationships so that’s a win in my book!

Yeah, I wish they would figure out what the real problem is.

I am very blessed in that most all of my hallucinations are not bothersome. I still get delusions quite a bit but they are manageable for the most part with meds.

My illness for the last few years is very black and white. Im either delusion and hallucination free for months or a year at a time. Or im in deep psychosis constantly distraut with symotoms for months straight. Luckily the psychosis periods are few and far between these days.

Its always lurking in the shadows though you know. Like i might be well enough to take care of myself or even work a job for a while. But i have the fear that ill get unwell again any time and the progress i have made during my well period will be for naught.

Voices were the worst for me. It was literally paralizing. I have not had voices since starting the depot which is a.few years ago.

Thoughts around my delusions are most days however i have insight into them now.

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Yes I have days off. Visual hallucinations are almost every day but auditory is infrequent. Delusions are weekly.