Do you have buried treasure?

When you were a kid did you ever bury something in the backyard for later use or future generations?

My aunt is renovating the house she inherited.

My family lived in that house a few years when I was middle school age.

I have several buried treasures in that yard.

And odds are real good I could find them if the same trees are standing.

I buried several items I deemed “fancy” to hide them from my sister.

Don’t remember all of what was in there, but I know there were several cheap necklaces and rings from “Clair’s”.

A small metal sculpture of an elephant.

A little bit of money, probably all coins.

And a condom I found while housesitting/dog sitting for my neighbor.

(Yes, I snooped through all his stuff while he was out of town)

He was young, good looking and an professional athlete.

I didn’t know what it was until I opened it.

Buried it in the yard to keep anyone from finding the evidence.

I wonder if my aunt has found any of that ■■■■.

Did anyone else do this?

What was the treasure?

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Great clip!

I wish my aunt would let me dig around for that stuff,

But very unlikely.

We are not cool.

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