Do you have blonde hair?

I’d like to “buy” it off you lol! Women only lol. And strawberry blonde doesn’t count.

I dont even know what to think about this…

Some glass cases are everlasting. Some are not. Sorry this is everlasting and in addition you’ll be going to “the void” too :joy:

I’ve already been to the void. Into the depths of the abyss of time. Oblivion for all of eternity… I was pulled out before I got too far inside that realm. Weightless.

Ok, “in the situation” that I won, I want to play Ender’s Game tomorrow. I mean today lol. It’s already 1am here.

What? It hasn’t even been invited yet. But I could light you up early if you want to volunteer.

I dont play games or watch tv or movies. I am creating reality with thought as a hobby. You should try it.

The void. It enters as black billowing horizontal smoke. So you know.

Cake cutters, nice.

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