Do you have any summer plans or winter plans

I do not have any special summer plans, maybe I shall try to enjoy some scenic views of the land where I am.


I don’t have any plans for the winter, except to take advantage of the rainy weather and lie in bed! :smile: Also read more books and enjoy my coffee now that it warms me up on a cold day :blush: Also the Ramadaan fast is next month in midwinter, so got some spiritual catching up to do.

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Very beautiful photos @mjseu - I dont have any special plans - just going to try to get my â– â– â– â–  together

I will be working on my thesis for my studies all summer. I have promised myself a vacation after that’s done though :slight_smile:


I need to write the rest of my thesis proposal for the IRB, as soon as the grad students review my introduction I will write the proposed methods, still havent decided on whether I want to recruit from Amazon mechanical turk or the shitty undergrad surveys at school…one costs zero money but is not guaranteed to give me 120 participants in like a month or ever, the other costs like 1k USD.

That and I have two summer classes.

Way to go, you students!

I’m gonna try to drive up a scenic road to the Leinikugal’s brewery for a tour and picnic there, stay in cheap motel, next day do some tubing.

I might end up going alone.

I’m going look part time job
Walk a lot
And make the most off summer
Back in college september

Keep improving my English so I can travel across the ocean. If Irina Shayk could make it why wouldn’t I ?

No real plans this summer. I would like to go to see my friends in Tulsa but Angie doesn’t have any time off that would allow that just yet. Just painting and playing my instruments, taking care of our dogs and trying to stop smoking all the time. I fell down again so gearing up to stop again.

I think that you write excellently English, to travel across the ocean you just need a plane ticket, but to stay in a nation where you want to go to there might be all kinds of requirements, in some parts of the USA Spanish is actually quite helpful such as in Miami due to their large Hispanic population from Cuba. You are young and you have the whole life ahead of you.

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Summer is the busy time of my job and my life.

All I have for plans is to work, do two on-line classes and take some time when I can to go surfing.

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