Do you have any regrets from life?

I regret not being mentally fit enough to be sociable

Find it very difficult

Could have taken the opportunities I had years ago to have a partner, but every time people got to close I pushed them away


One of my biggest regrets is even saying a word to supposed kin.

Not being able to spend a single enjoyable Christmas day with my daughter when she was younger because my wife’s horrible parents intruded into everything.

I regret walking away from my first job after following advise. It’s since become a trend I can’t stick to jobs.

That I didn’t let my crush in university kiss me when he tried…because I already had a promise ring from a man I didn’t love.

That man was my husband for ten years after he manipulated me into it, and it was hell until I finally got the courage to get divorced.

Ten wasted years that may not have happened if I let Neil kiss me when he wanted to…

My biggest regret is not being able to get help I tried and hypothetically if I seen multiple doctors I would of gotten help instead I got treated like garbage and wanted help

I have numerous regrets but right now I regret eating like a pig all down to comfort eating because my life is not great

Both @firemonkey and I get this.

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I only regret not buying that box of Krispy Kremes when they were on sale. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Yes I have a lot of regrets

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Do I have regrets? Oh yeah…

I don’t get it


Both of us are round pegs that spent all of our school years being pounded into square holes. The entire school experience was agony and I fled the very second I could for the sake of my mental health. It was only knowing that it wasn’t forever that kept me from acting on suicidal impulses.

Yes shaving my ass is amongst them. Haha.

I wish I could have been a better dad.

My regrets mostly and perhaps only concern not having treated others well enough.

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Yea school left a similar impression on me as well

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I felt resentment for many years because I was sent to boarding school . It took me ages to see that my parents weren’t responsible for the actions and words of the headmasters/teachers/other boys and girls.

Prep school: Started wetting the bed again, but didn’t do so at home. Did it practically every night for the next 3 years. 3 standout memories.

  1. Sitting quietly waiting for the headmaster to take a class. Several other boys making quite a lot of noise. Headmaster stormed in, walked up to me and angrily said ‘What are you doing?’ I innocently said ‘I’m doing nothing’ ,as in hadn’t been making a lot of noise. He said angrily ‘You should have been doing something, go to my study’ -(for six with the cane) I remember being bewildered and distressed, crying a lot. In the end he didn’t cane me, but the traumatising had already been done.

  2. Was made a public spectacle of during my last term by the headmaster (different than the one mentioned above), and his wife, because of being quite friendly with a boy 10 months younger than me. It was seen as being homosexual in nature. The proof? Hands being placed on shoulders. He should’ve seen what happens nowadays when a football player scores a goal!

  3. Last day at prep school. Last meal in fact. Tobacco was put into my mug of tea. I took a swig and the taste was the vilest taste I’ve ever tasted. Extreme nausea was followed by puking all over my brother at the end of term assembly. I hadn’t known until then just how unpopular I was. The boy I knew had done it,by the smirk on his face, like me was leaving. He knew he couldn’t be punished.

Headmaster’s notes, which I obtained many years , made a big thing of my lack of sporting ability, poor coordination etc, that I didn’t have much personality,that I wasn’t particularly intelligent.

Re the last one I found out many years later, from my father, that at around the time I was supposedly 'not particularly intelligent ’ - My IQ was around 150 IQ(147) via methods that were being used in San Francisco at the time.

Public school: Hell was unleashed as a result of my naivety during the first night in the dorm. Lots of bragging about sex by the other boys. In typical ,honest, autistic fashion I truthfully said I didn’t know much. That coupled with my social and physical awkwardness had me labelled as the ‘school freak’. Our local vicar wrote to my housemaster about the bullying. His response?(the jist of it) ‘Although there’s less bullying nowadays, some boys lend themselves to being bullied’ . There were many bad moments but the one that stands out is monkey chants being aimed at me while waiting for a geography class to start.

I don’t have @ozymandias admirable strength of character . Nearly 50 years on I’m still fighting the psychological demons. Every now and then something sends me into a tearful state of mind I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Self confidence,self worth etc are as fragile as fragile can be. I’m surprised I’ve made it to 66.

Because of all those awful experiences, and the resultant ‘bullying related trauma,’ I 've had, and still continue to have, no intention of walking into a bricks and mortar classroom ever again .


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