Do you have any other schizophrenics in your life?

My mams next door neighbours son is schizophrenic, I rarely see him as he doesn’t live there. I chat to him now and then.

Forgot to mention I have recently started going to a depot clinic so I see more people with schizophrenia but I don’t talk.

My two brothers and a friend i met in the hospital

I have an uncle who has Sz… we talk more then we used to.

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I live with about forty other sz’s at an assisted living center for the mentally ill. Life can get interesting at times.

I think my maternal grandmother has it, but since she lives a very sheltered life and it’s all about religion in a hyper-religious community, it’s like nobody recognizes it.

Like there are spiritual experiences and such, but my grandmother reports “angels” which she describes as people made of glowing light, doing things like driving special heaven trucks, stealing books out of her house, stepping out of her closet, rolling around on her lawn and more. She also hears voices which she says are a combination of God and Satan, and that she can’t always tell them apart. When I was a teenager, she once called me at 5AM to tell me that while she was taking a shower, one of the good voices told her to call me and tell me I have beautiful hair.

I actually have a decent relationship with her, because when I get my own paranoid issues going on, it’s almost always me thinking I am being harassed by demons, and my grandmother is such a fanatical religious person, that if it’s all real, she probably has more power than a Catholic priest. So I find it comforting to email with her when I’m borderline hysterical because she always says she will start praying for me, and in those moments I believe in the power of her prayer in particular. When I’m lucid I never tell her that it was a MI issue, I just allow it to be how we bond over the years. So I just thank her and let her know she helped me.

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It’s starting to seem that more than half of the people in the support group I go to are schizophrenic. It’s no big deal. I don’t reveal my diagnosis and if the people in the group hadn’t announced their diagnosis I never would have been able to tell.

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My family member and one longtime friend have sz. I also have a new acquaintance with sza through support group.

One person I know who has it I have not been around much even though when we were younger we were in the same social circles. Whenever I see him lately, I am even more happy to see him because he seems to have stopped drinking, and usually we just smile our awkward smiles towards each other while avoiding eye contact.