Do you have any other illnesses other than mental

I have kidney pain, pancriatitis and liver pain which i am going to have it tested and i relate all of this to my medication,
Once your over 30yrs old than all the problems starts happening.

Diabetes type 2

Chronic allergic rhinitis (nose always stuffy)

diabetes, neuropathy, high blood pressure, glaucoma and some others

Am ok at mo. I watch what eat and exercise however I don’t do this efficiently enough as I am still overweight however I stop it going out of control

And animo fractus :broken_heart:

only carpal tunnel syndrome. xxx

diabetes type 2 - from the meds high triglycerides/ high blood pressure - from the meds fatty liver disease?
high blood pressure in the eyes - I have to lower the Risperdal even further - hopefully I will manage

diabeties, high cholestrol , arthritus :slight_smile: only 27 :frowning:

Hyperflexible joints, arthritis, eczema, heart problems are sure to come sooner or later as did other people in my family.

Protruding disc, high blood pressure (on meds) underactive throid (on meds) high cholesterol (on meds) PTSD, panic disorder (these developed after I was ill)

amazingly enough, no. knock wood. just the mental issues. i do have some seasonal allergies every few years, but those don’t really amount to much for me.

I have a whole list; I had to have my parathyroid removed, polycystic ovary syndrome, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, arthritis in both knees, back pain, prolonged QT interval, and tachycardia. Most of it is from the meds. I’ve been on psychotropics for 17 years and I’m only 30! I’m trying to get my health under control because if not I can’t imagine the list when I’m 40. :sunny:

I have some heart arythmia, which I strongly suspect is due to meds. I hope to quit meds soon, except for anti depressants, and see if that improves my condition.

Chronic sneezing. A former teacher counted 34 times in one hour. :triumph:

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Basically this medications is not a treatment metod. Its self capital punishment.

I’m a smoker I consider it a disease. Other than that nothing.

I’m allergic. to ■■■■■■■■ :smiley:

on a more serious note, i have food allergies , like cheese - within 5 minutes of eating cheese my nose is totally plugged

high blood pressure, chronic infection