Do you have any compulsions that causes you anxiety?

Here I was thinking what kind of compulsions we engage on daily basis that contributes to our daily stress and anxiety. Are we doing something compulsively that impacts our lives negatively?

I start

I used to compulsively drinking large amounts of coffee
I used to compulsively check my doors and windows to make sure it’s secure.

I ditched coffee successfully and now I’m working on my paranoia regarding home safety. I think having these things in front of my eyes allows me to examine them and expose to what they truly are. Unhelpful and useless compulsions that contributes to anxiety and stress.

I stopped identifying myself with these things and realized that it’s just a compulsion that I need to work on.

Yeah when I was a smoker, I used to be driving away from my apartment fearing I had left a cigarette burning. Now. I sometimes fear I left a pot on the stove.


I have a few due to ocd, but im too embarassed to talk about them most of the time

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When i shutoff water taps i tap or press the handle in sets of 3, then i finish it but checking underneath that its off. It could be between 3 and maybe 24 taps before i get away from it.

If i was distracted when doing it then i start it all over again. It can be time consuming.

Currently have a time consuming ritual when leaving my car

  1. Pressdown door lock on each door.
  2. Slide finger on inside of window up to top to make sure is closed on each door. Then do same on outside of door.
  3. Turn off nobs to the left even though already off.
  4. Scroll light dimmer slightly to ensure off
  5. Pull on door handles from outside to ensure there locked.

If i was distracted or forgot anything well ■■■■ me i gotta walk back to the car and do it all again.

Yeah i have ocd :expressionless::exploding_head::partying_face:

Ive litterally broken and worn out handles due to this issue

I actually could care less about the reason for something being locked or off. Its the inner nails on a chalkboard feeling that isnt correct is the problem.


I’m constantly getting new phones and phone numbers. The phone hick ups and I am buying a new one. I just transferred an old number into a flip phone. I didn’t have this problem with the old fashioned phones. There’s no Google watching me on my new flip phone. I know because it download my Google contacts. A guy from Verizon got on the phone with me and set things up. The only thing different was I declined connecting to the WIFI as he told me to do and am just using cellular data.

If this fixes the problem, not connecting to wifi and only using cellular data I will be happy. Has anyone else had issues using WiFi?

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Nice. I’m going to get flip phone myself, tired these criminals beaming 24/7 your data off your phone. I installed android APP called NetGuard just to see how hostile every single app was by calling home 24/7 without stop. Flip phone sounds chill.

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This may sound or be stupid but my mom told me one of my eyebrows looked liked it was arched wrong therefore looked higher than the other one.

I have looked at myself nine times in the mirror this morning. It’s driving me mad!


I really like my new flip phone. The only drawback is it’s slow texting.

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When I close the door and lock it. It’s been a recent habit of me to feel the need to get off my bed and double check it.


Glad to see you back. Hope you are well. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:


I have some compulsions historically, but I’m pretty decent right now with medication I think. I think I’m not doing anything weird. But I do obsess a bit. But nowhere near like before. OMG it is awful all the obsessing. There’s no peace. OCD is a pain in the ass.

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Thanks Graybear. Yea I am well. Thankyou. Wishing the same for you.


I spent 2 years doing a ritual checking my shoes in a certain specific way before putting them on, including every time I slipped my slippers on because I KNEW there was a spider in there. One day my son and I were out by the front door where the kids kicked off there shoes and kept them. My son was about to slip into his shoes and I yelled at him to check it for spiders first. I’ll be damned if he didn’t kick it and a spider came out. We both just looked shocked. After that I slowly stopped needing to check my shoes for some reason. You would think it would get worse. Typically my compulsions last about 2 years and then subside and soon another emerges. I have excoriation disorder, that’s been going on for years and years, but meds seems to have it in check.

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