Do you have any car modifications?

I wish I had a radar detector or GPS: maybe tinted windows.

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I installed a 7 inch apple car play sony screen in my van. It’s great as I plug my phone in and it has a decent sat nav, I can see my diary for work, my music can be managed through it, the device reads out and lets you dictate WhatsApp and text messages and of course you can have phone calls.

Brilliant piece of kit.

If you have an iPhone get one! Not sure about Android but mine does both


Vlad the Impala got a dash cam installed and was re-chipped with a performance chip. Slight performance boost. I’m planning to drop a supercharged Buick 3800 Series III into my 88 Fiero when finances permit. It’s also getting a bangin’ stereo (probably Alpine).


Does copious amounts of bird poop and wildfire ash on my car count as a car modifications? :thinking:


I wish I had a detector for my vehicle that detects gps trackers. That way I could find them before driving places. But I do not know if that exists

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I put air ride suspension at back of truck. So if there’s too much weight in the back you can pump it up and level the load.
Used to pickup 1000+ pounds of bleach for work regularly. Once I put in 1800 pounds worth, mr truck didn’t like that lol.


When my negative symptoms were better on Abilify I installed a 10" sub and bluetooth radio in my Honda Civic 2008, it didn’t have AUX and bluetooth before.


I also replaced all 4 speakers with high wattage Akai speakers. Installed everything using Youtube videos.


I use my phone as GPS, works pretty well. There is GPS apps that don’t require internet too.

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Its a japanese Nakamichi 800 or 1000 Watts. Its overkill lol

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That’s gonna be a quick arse fiero.