Do you have an invisible friend?

I do, he helps me stay grounded today on bad days like today.

When I told someone that once,

they told me,

'don’t tell anyone this cos they will think you are nuts lol :pensive:

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I once befriended a lizard and named him Lenny the lizard. We had chats whenever he visited my house from his rock or wherever it was he spent most of his time. He was a good listener.


I have my invisible voices.
They are my friends.


I used to, but he was medicated out of my head. It really sucks. I miss him.

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Never had one, although I talk to my voices sometimes.

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Sort of. In my mind I sometimes talk to Earth’s spirit and it sorta responds yes or no answers. It’s a little difficult to explain but it seems very real to me.


No but I have real friends. I have no positive symptoms on meds so I don’t talk to invisible friends or voices.

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I’ve had many imaginary friends (well, pictures of people I spoke to) from 11-26 years old. Now there’s just my two spirits the voices in my head Alien and Sarah that keep me company. Sarah is a wonderful friend. Alien isn’t.

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I do too.


he was caught in sex trafficking as a youth.

it’s a long story I can’t talk about on here,
but mine has been similar as an adult.

it came from the Paul Simon song, Me and Julio.

used to be, still is, my theme song.

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