Do you have an elevated awareness when schizphrenic


Do you have an elevated awareness when schizophrenic?


Usually when I’m more schizophrenic I’m not aware I am schizophrenic. But some things still haven’t been explained by logical means. Comes down to I’m just a sensitive person at times so I think that elevates my awareness.


Yes but I’m sure it is also immensely distorted at the same time


Not in episode: Highly aware, can combat symptoms w logical thought

In episode: Slip in and out of awareness, people help me stay grounded during the worst of it


Yes, it is due to neuro ■■■■ that would probably just confuse you. Paranoid schizophrenics are more alert and hypervigilant during episodes, I question whether it is truly maladaptive.


When I’m having a serious glitch… I feel more hyper aware… but only of stuff that doesn’t seem to help me. Noises, lights, how heavy my clothing is…

But as far as being aware of what I’m doing… or being grounded… or really remembering what is going on around me… not really.

Logical thought? During a glitch? Out the window.


You might, but the price of that awareness can be awfully high. The writers Poe and Coleridge both did opium, and you can see how that drug elevated their awareness and helped them writer more vividly. They also describe withdrawal symptoms where they lived a hundred years in a single night, and got long, wet kisses from crocodiles. Sometimes the price of an elevated awareness isn’t worth it.


HEIGHTENED AWARENES for me means paying an awful lot of attention to things most people would think is totally usual.


At the moment am in an episode, my nurse is saying I’m in red alert; I’ve spent the week on my own really and every sound or noise, or things I see. Online, out the window, hear on the radio is making connections, I feel very under fire, and when I’m in the street or college it’s even worse, noticing body gestures ready to pounce if it becomes anything threatening but likewise think they have special meaning, I can get lost following body gestures etc. but yes when I’m unwell even the subtle headache has meaning!

But I fluctuate between insight and no insight, most of the time at the moment afternoons are terrible I was desperate for mum home earlier but am alright now as took my nighttime pills an hour or so ago. I may be hyper aware but logical thinking I have little or none.

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your not alone dante13 its confusing being schizophrenic try to do something nice for yourself I had my haircut today even tho I was too scared to open my mouth much to the hairdresser don’t let the voices win tcx


Thank you :blush:, that’s very kind of you, well done on getting your hair cut! I’ve got to have mine done next week, I’ve put it off for quite some time, but am ready for it now, I have short hair and its far too long. Well done, and thank you, take care, meg,


painting your toenails and nails is also a nice thing to do for yourself I feel a lot better after my hairvut:) your welcometc


Yes I think I do.


So good to hear other people use the term “hyper aware”. This was the first thing I presented with years ago. I could hear other people’s internal judgements of me when I first met them. The exact term I used was “hyper aware”.


Hyperaware at all times except when in “happy because I’m comfortable/content” mode.


When I had my episode, background noise was super loud. Does that count as “hyper aware”?



I remember finding 4-leaf clovers without looking for them.


No, you have to fight yourself to have any form of focus.