Do you have a true love?

My true love is my husband

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Dogs are easy to love

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@HuckFinn…it’s sad when they marry somebody else but u get over it.

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You’re not alone in feeling this way.

Sometimes i like to remind myself of this -

I love my girlfriend more now than the day I met her. There has never been anyone in my life that I’ve loved nearly as much. I’d say she’s my true love.

I can’t imagine being without her and our relationship is going strong. She’s absolutely wonderful and brings joy to my life. One day I’ll marry this woman. That’s for sure.


I used to think that I had a true love about three years ago. We genuinely loved each other, but I was blind to how parasitic she was towards me and towards others. It’s taken about two years for me to recover from the emotional trauma of her leaving me (and I still have a lot more healing to do), but I’m much happier without her.

As of now, I’m not sure if I’d consider it true love as of yet, but I have romantic feelings towards a healthier individual who seems to reciprocate the same feelings towards me. :smile:

I have more than one true love. I’ve been lucky in my lovers; they’ve in the main been kind, generous people who I will never stop loving, and who have never stopped loving me.

Let your heart be big.

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i have felt like that

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i was with my true love as a young adult, and again then later on in life. I screwed up both times. oh well.

My feelings are not to be trusted.


I can’t trust my feelings, either. I’ve learned not to express them, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

I do have a true love, we’re good friends. Sometimes wish things could be different, sometimes I’m fine just the way they are. That’s life…


After sz I decided not to have kids of my own so I’m glad she found her dreams for kids elsewhere. I am a starving artist and I’m content with that :smile:

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I don’t have much to add here. (edit: least I thought I didn’t), Love can be an addiction… the lasting memory or concern for someone… the feeling of being around them… Lot of sides to it.

I had a love once… with a live in girlfriend… took it for granted. After that nothing really compared. I’d seek to have it again, but I’ve grown to aware of the nature of incompatibility… The woman must choose to submit… and if she is as wise as I’d require… that wouldn’t be an easy choice. We’ll see if that ever pans out… there is one candidate out there. One I’ll likely never forget, but love can turn to pain on a dime. The wrong thought… the wrong statement.

Patience patience patience… it’s more than a virtue… in this arena its fundamental.

Sad to see the theme though… Everyone falls for some one… very rarely do they ever fall in love back… it’s almost to corny in this modern age.

I’ve been there with having “true love”, but unfortunately that was never meant to be, since I was the only one capable of it in that relationship. I guess it’s just another lesson in life.

I’d like to think so. It’s hard not to love someone who promises to take care of you in 3 years (after college). Even if it doesn’t work out that way (thats a huge promise i will never hold againt her) I still love her with all my heart just for trying as hard as she does.

Fernando was in my life when I met my daughter’s father. I knew him 2 months & married him bc he date raped me & I got pregnant…

I was in love several times with some of the most beautiful girls you can feast your eyes on. Each time I thought that THIS ONE is my true love.

@Fellowman. My friend Fernando was stunning…