Do you have a trigger food?

My trigger food is turkey. It was a Thanksgiving turkey leftover bonanza that started my weight gain back when I was 14. I’ve been a vegan for years but tonight my provider wanted me to try her lean ground turkey garden burger that she cooked. I did and the old yearning for turkey returned. :disappointed_relieved:

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I have it similar with pizza. I came of pizza for 3 weeks till this friend politely forced it on to me. He totally overstepped my wish not to have pizza. I really couldn’t assert myself cause of the medication. I had this pizza and it took me a month to overcome the craving for pizza.
I don’t mind pizza but i get so addicted and can’t financially afford pizza.

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I have a similar reaction to sweet things and it’s really bad with chocolate

For me, ramen. People here too much like ramen soup, without noodles(for dieters), they invented ramen soup tea bag. I was thinking to buy one :laughing: but my budget was tight.

@SONAGI where do you live? I don’t think you live in the USA do you? Cause I’ve never heard of ramen tea bags

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I live in South Korea.:slightly_smiling_face: I also found it on amazon.

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@SONAGI very nice

No horsemeat please.

Yes. The ass out of a dead rhinoceros. It gets me every time.


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