Do You Have a Sixth Sense?

They say good luck comes from just paying attention.

I believe most schizophrenics share a heightened ‘sixth sense’…an awareness that is not there for your average person. And this gift can be both tormenting and euphoric at different times.



I thought it would be a fun test to just show a random bunch of faces and on the sidebar show where they all worked/ what they did for a living. Then you’d have to match the face to the job. I bet I’d be good at that.

It’s been noted that siblings of schizophrenics tend to work in creative fields. This is accurate for me anyways.

Brother- screenwriter
Brother- graphic designer
Sister- Poet
Sister- Masters in Social work

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It’s a burden it’s not a gift.

It’s seductive to think it’s something special but it’s just some faulty genetic code getting hit and going off.


I believe it’s both a curse and a gift.
I had many blissful experiences with sz

People have them all the time on pot or acid. That is just bad brain chemistry.

Not to rain on your parade but sz is pretty much that same thing for those afflicted.

Yeah. I’ve had some insight whilst psychotic but I just as well could have got the same moments from mushrooms or acid.

All’s I’m saying is that it is a process like drug use. It’s not something to feel proud about. It makes you different from others. Yes. Own the experience. Just don’t say it’s mystical or magical because it’s not. It’s just dumb brain chemistry!


Don’t know if you guys know Stephen fry. He is a popular figure in the uk. He has bipolar and did some documentaries about it.

At the end of every interview with a bipolar person he asked them would they get rid of bipolar if they could. Virtually everyone said no - this was part of them.

Would be interesting to ask this of people with sz

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I definitely would rather not be coping with paranoid schizophrenia. I feel like it’s horrible, nasty curse sometimes.

Sorry, I don’t believe that there’s a connection with the sixth sense and mental illness, especially not schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

I would LOVE to believe my psychosis is a spiritual experience, but it isn’t.

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I don’t think there is any awareness present in schizophrenics that is not there for normies. Maybe there are people that are more intuitive than others, some schizophrenic, some not.
I held a similar belief, in the past, that schizophrenics were special in some way, but I was delusional back then.
I may completely wrong here, but I just don’t believe schizophrenia gives you any special powers or skills. If there are any studies or what not disproving what I’m saying, I’d be open to that. But I find that unlikely.

Sorry for being a party pooper

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If I have a sixth sense it’s been very skilled at avoiding me.

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Yes, I have seen the documentary of Stephen Fry here in Greek television. He was talking about saints that probably had bipolar. Schizophrenia is part of who I am

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My paranoia made me very attentive to small changes in the way people acted, and the schizophrenia made me think there were magical reasons for these changes. This was my sixth sense. I think the neural pathways are so worn in now that even when I’m doing well on medication, I still sometimes notice when people are acting differently than usual and the first thing my mind jumps to is some magical reason for it.

There is some sixth sense… But it’s garbled in schizophrenia like a radio station with a bad signal. Too much static on the line. I’ve had buddhist monks who could read my mind very clearly though (no crazy).

I don’t have a sixth sense lol but I remember millions of past lives that is concordance to MWT of QM. I have a photographic memory for it.

My brother is creative in a way and wants to work in the sound industry and work his way up. My mom is talented in creative arts like painting and designing and decorating, although she does not practice at all and has a below average IQ imo. I sound like an ■■■■■■■…the funny thing is she has an associates degree. Maybe it’s just being a homemaker for 20+ years and being a bible thumper.

My grandfather on my mom’s side is very admirable. He can paint and he is very smart.

My family is average or below average. My uncle is good at repairing things and fixing things. He is smart. My dad is great at a lot of stuff like mechanics and being self reliant. I believe he is smart too.

My grandma grew up as an orphan. She never had a chance to do anything besides work. She would have made an an excellent accountant
She is smart, good with numbers, and a hard worker.

That’s about it.

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I can read people back to front.

That’s my 6th sense


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