Do you have a problem kissing with your eyes open?

This is a problem I have I think it has to do with anedohnia.

I don’t think ive ever kissed with my eyes open. It just feels natural to close them and focus or senses on the kiss then visual stimuli

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This is a big one for me. If a partner does not look me in the eye, I see it as weakness. Not that I would judge them about it, I find it odd.

I equate it to trust.

Not that I am a wideeyed kisser…ugh!

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only when I tease my GF do I keep my eyes open. I do this whole knight in shining armor/ Black Prince thing with her sometimes, just to make her bush, I tilt her chin up smile and kiss her, looking her in the eye with this smirk on my face and in my eyes. She turns bright red and hides in the bathroom for an hour lol

I hope this thread goes on forever. I want to hear everyone’s kissing stories.

When I’m overwhelmed with sensation, my eyes naturally flutter closed. They won’t stay closed, but I won’t maintain unbroken eye contact, either.

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I used to go out with a girl who made a funny face whenever we kissed. She was trying to be sexy but it made me laugh to myself. Of course I never let on that I thought it was funny. Now its 33 years later, and now women are so scarce in my life, that now I wouldn’t care if my next girlfriend put on a clown suit and hummed the Star-Spangled Banner every time we made out. I would count my lucky stars that I had her.


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I prefer blondes

I do not kiss anybody, I have not done so for many years. I have decided that I do not need any girlfriends in my life.

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eye used too… and eye probably still do… they aren’t always closed.

I had the best make out session I’ve had in years a few days ago… god damned bonerific

yo what language is that man?

is that reagan?

Top line is in Russian, bottom line is in German.

Brezhnev and Honecker

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ah thanks rhubes

I do not kiss people when they puck their lips a lot or keep their eyes open. It’s creepy and a big turn off for me.

No way I could keep my eyes open while kissing. Their face would be all blurry and monstrous looking and making me flinch away.