Do you have a PRN to take in case of emergencies?

I take 50mg Seroquel as prn

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What does PRN stand for?

Lemme guess,

Personal rescue ( Im stumped on the N )

What is mean huh?

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The initials PRN stand for the Latin phrase pro re nata , which means "as the situation demands

I have Vistaril, I don’t like it too much. I’m hoping my new pdoc will give me some Ativan then I can use that. Probably if I was really bad off I would just take an extra Saphris, it’s pretty sedating and it works in about 20 minutes or so and it’s better than Vistaril. Either that or go to the emergency room and see what they would give me.


If I’m having a crisis I take an Ativan or Valium. The Ativan is more potent. My previous pdoc prescribed it in case of need. The Valium I got from the hospital last time I was in (Feb last year).
Both take the edge off my anxiety and agitation

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