Do you have a plan?


I have plenty cause I’m young


you mean like a life plan? how you want to spend your life in an ideal world?


Chill man. A life plan yes


I’ve already accomplished everything I needed to do

now I take it one day at a time.


I never really had a plan for my life. I have always just gone with the flow and rolled with the punches, so to speak. Never really had big dreams of any kind.


I don’t have too specific of a plan for my life. I’m kinda ‘playing it all be ear’ as they say.

As for specific goals I have a few – to meet a cool girl, finish my degree, move out of this apartment.


Below is some of my plan from about 6 months ago. It hasn’t changed much. Now, instead of doing other software development, I’m trying to work toward software development on my Vuzix Blade smartglasses. I only hold 10 little shares of NERV now, at an average cost probably around $2 a share, but I hope to increase that at the right time.


Yes I plan to work as a volunteer soon. Wish me luck @Crocodal


That’s cool. You wanna tel me what you wanna do?


I will tell you in a PM if they will accept me. Fml my phone is broken


Good luck little man :joy:


My plan is to rely on gov support and not overwork. I enjoy getting taxpayers money and I am very scared if I had to work full time cause I know I will burn out in a week.


I used to have plans, but then life happened and dashed them so i’ve had to learn to adjust. I still entertain the idea of making plans but then i think anything could happen so there isn’t any point.


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