Do you have a plan?

Do you have a plan in life?

Pass GO, collect $200.


That’s a. Start

I’m going to work til I’m 65 then retire. unless I need to keep working, which would suck.

Going to work until my heart takes me out. Retirement is a foreign concept.

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yeah I’ve thought about that too. early death is a fear of mine. retirement can be an empty promise for some. my dad had a heart attack when he was 52 and survived, I’m more careful about what I eat then he was.

dads now 66. he looks like he’s got 20 or more years left. he’s financed his life until he’s 93…at least that is what he told me

No plan. Don’t want a plan. Maybe in the future.

Everybody has, at worse a vague plan. Others have everything figure it out.

This thread made me think of my favorite catchy tune for house cleaning. @flameoftherhine introduced me to this band. My plan now is to dust and vacuum before it gets too hot.


raise money for schizophrenia research in hopes we get more help in the fight,

I had a plan but now I have a new plan. It’s hard to plan though when you take Life one day at a time.

Life’s moves preety fast, we got to be prepare

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I personally think that everyone should have a plan and a backup plan for important things in their life.

With that said, over analyzing and over planning for every possible eventuality is probably not helpful.

Having a Plan A, Plan B, and maybe even a Plan C is a sign of being a responsible steward of your own future.

Having a Plan D, …, Plan Z is likely a sign of anxiety and catastrophic thinking. I tend to do this and it is not helpful. :confused:

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I don’t have a plan in life. I improvise…


I’m waiting for my death if it really exists.
Meanwhile I try to help people while having fun…

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I once had a therapist tell me my problem was I had no plan for the future and no connection to the past. Boy how right he was. I never did like that guy.

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Tomorrow is my plan forever.

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My plans are over after I stop working, will work till my body quits sadly and then I’m screwed


I have a few vague plans:

  1. Work my current job until I’m about 52, and save and invest enough money to survive until 62, then live very frugally off of early social security.

This depends on a number of things, including decent health.

  1. I’m sure that smartglasses will become popular pretty soon. If my investments in VUZI and KOPN really take off, I should be able to retire much sooner.

  2. I plan to invest in NERV over the next few months. If the next clinical trials of min-101 go well, that could also cut down on the retirement wait.

If it nearly doubles before the results, as I’ve seen on a similar drug trial, I plan to sell half before the results are released to preserve plan 1. I’ve done that before, and still made 10 percent profit.

  1. I plan to keep doing my nearly daily work on software development to improve my resume. I already have a BS in computer science; so, when smartglasses become popular, even an older guy like me may be able to get a job as a software developer.

That’s in case plan 1 fails.

  1. I have several years of experience in software support. When smart glasses become popular, software support could be a backup plan to software development.

  2. Maybe while working on software development in my spare time, I’ll come up with a good software product to sell.

  3. If health problems get worse, I’ve been on SSDI before, so I might be able to get SSDI again. In addition to that, my current employer pays for my private long term disability insurance.

  4. My current employer will pay up to $5k a year for tuition with some restrictions, so I might go to school and improve myself further at very little monetary cost to me. I’ve thought of many possibilities, from industrial maintenance (fixing robots and stuff) to industrial psychology.

Now the possibilities are getting a bit wild, so I’ll stop there.


My plan is to basically survive and remain stable.
It’s a straightforward plan.

I continue to take my meds regularly and see my therapist.

I also try to avoid stressful situations.