Do You Have a Plan For Facing Your Delusions or Psychological Problems?

I mean, your delusions or psychological problems that we face everyday which they provoke us several anxietys, fears, loneliness, etc how do you face them? do you have a strategy for overcoming? do you try to overcome?
Thanks for your answers.

I am doing well enough on my meds to not have too many problems. My strategy is to live and let die.

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Thanks for your answer my dear friend. (Nice horse)

You are welcome. (It isn’t mine) I used to have a horse.

I can’t think well enough for that.

Do you have a strategy?

I’m doing pretty well and haven’t been having too many problems. One thing that helps is my tattoo. It symbolizes a ship sailing off the edge of the world and even though the world looks flat we know from the facts it’s round. Well delusions are like that. They seem one way but when we look at the facts we learn it’s different. It emphasizes doing reality checking. My old pdoc gave me the idea. Good luck to you. :sunny:

depending on my mood ( feeling stable) , i face all my fears.
but before i do anything,
i have a double shot capuccinno,
i have at least four cup cakes with icing and fairy sprinkles ( can’t forget the fairy sprinkles ! )
and make sure my light saber is strapped to my belt .
take care


" i have a cunning plan for everything ! "
take care

Until I was on my current medication I couldn’t challenge my delusions and until recently didn’t really believe any evidence against them. But now I just use cbt for everything I think of evidence for and against and most of the time evidence against overpowers the evidence for, however I’m very bad at doing it by myself so my nurse often helps with it. But that’s what works for me.

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My meds are good, but if I get voices, I ignore these, because most of the time these voices are untrue and ■■■■. Today at the grocery store I saw a woman with sz and she just stand in the front of the door and when I look at her, she started talking alone. I knew she was another sz sufferer.

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I have a few delusions that have sank so deeply into my heart that I know they will never leave me. I just have to work around them. Logically I can get told the truth of the situation. But how I feel makes me slip right back into them.

Some I needed my families help to get out of. Other psychological problems I’ve taken coping classes, anger management classes, stress management classes, stuff like that. I do go to therapy and a support group so basically my plan seems to be… as much outside help as I can get.


When i was in the hospital I was given a safety plan of sorts. It said to list all the stressors/triggers, what you look like and act like when those things happen, what you’re wishes are if you aren’t able to communicate them (like rx and hospitalizations), what you are like when you are feeling better and how to keep that mood going.

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Not really, I face my problems when they appear; my question is to know if you have a strategy or plan.
Thanks pob.

Thanks Dante 13, is very useful your comment.

I don’t know if I have a plan but I do have a strategy that sort of comes natural.

If I start getting depressed, anxious, or paranoid I’ll get busy, do work around the house and in the yard. I have acres so there’s plenty to do.
Another thing is get on here and other forums and post, email people, chat. the interaction is usually positive, though I had my times going crazy on the internet last year.

I’m not a person who sits around and does nothing. If i’m doing nothing I’m sleeping, LOL

As far as “attacks” such as “hallucinations” and voices, if they come I view them a challenge. I’ll try and figure out where they are coming from. If they are mean I’ll try and trick them, sometimes mock them back, or sometimes be super kind to them. basically I try to learn from them. And i think some are actually cool.

I very rarely get tactile but have a few times in my life. One time I had that 'buggy" feeling like little worms were just under the skin of my whole back crawling there. I lay down and pressed my back against the mattress and told whatever was doing it “Fine, you can give me a massage.” Another time I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I turned no one was there… I didn’t freak out, I just said “Hello! Whats up? Aren’t you gonna talk or is that it?”
with tactiles I really don’t know if it’s my body/mind doing it, spirits, or technology.

And then I have used my hyperness to get a lot of work done, but I have to be careful if i’m around people because my hyperness can get overbearing - moreso when i was drinking I just wouldn’t know when to stop and slow down. I’ve been in a few conversations sober these past several months where someone will say to me 'whoa, back up, you lost me…" and i realize i was talking hyper.

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I like the old song - ‘To turn, to turn, twill be our delight Till by turning, turning we come round right.’ It’s how I’ve lived my life and I have trust in it.

You’re welcome, I’m glad it was useful!

after meds “western history of philosophy” book helped me alot cause it taught me there is certain ways of seeing this world and mind can be reduced to them ( I was already familiar with eastern philosophy which unfortunately was the main responsible cause of my delusions though can be helpful and inspiring) but when adjusting meds or having hard time I just drink tea, smoke cigarettes(not recommended!!!) and watch music videos on TV to make time go.

Hello my friends, apologies if I have offended. All this is new to me, the symptoms, delusions, etc. I’m getting used to it but it feels like people are wanting to drug me even though I am doing well compared to previous times coming off.

I dont think i will be able to face my delusions, the only way of me recognizing and facing is if i go to an island and live there alone, and if i get persecutory delusions i will know its a delusion because there wouldn’t be anyone to be suspicious to.