Do you have a good memory?

I will be talking and if someone interrupts me, even for a few minutes, i’ll completely forget what i was saying, is this normal?


Happens to me too, I forget what I am doing and my pills. Now I use alarms and notepad on my cellphone. I am only 30y.o. so pretty sure its antipsychotics and sz.

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My memory is medium. I have to set reminders for everything on my phone though. I do get distracted very easily too.

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I’m like that. I love it when you’re having a conversation and the voices start talking to you. I literally told my dad the other day,”I didn’t hear a word you said. The voices started talking to me”. Plus whatever language I’m studying they talk to me in that language. Mostly in Spanish…


sometimes things like that make me give up on conversations, i’ll be trying to explain or tell someone what i want, and ill get distracted by noise in my head and then i just end up saying ‘forget it, i’m too tired to have this conversation/i don’t care about this anymore’ it really just sucks away all my energy to keep talking


I have a very good memory.


I keep forgetting what coffee i need to make after 10 secconds i hear. So my short memory is really bad but my long memory is quite good

¿Estás tú todovia triste pensando de tu marido?¿Todo bien?

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Same here only my short term memory is bad not long term memory.

I think it’s normal to forget what you are talking about if you are participating in a conversation even if you have a good memory. When you listen to what the others say sincerely your mind adapts to give a response to the new information you receive so it would kind of be natural to forget what you were talking about before, at least precisely.

Unless you are for instance a politician, because then you are not interested and not really listening to what the other parties say, but only interested in expressing your own ideas and views.

So my short term memory, especially my working memory are much better now that I am taking fish oil. Before I couldn’t keep 2 numbers in my head at one time and think and now I can. So concentration is improved and recall is improved. But my memory is still lacking, I know it will never be 100%.

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No I have memory problems. It’s rubbish my memory.

Long-term memory is great.
Short-term memory is shite

My memory is very strange. I don’t really have much control over it.

It’s like a car that’s mis-firing.

If I try to consciously remember something I struggle, but somehow naturally memories seem to come forward

I think it’s normal. My neurotypical friends do the same thing

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Not really. My memory is ■■■■■■ !!!

My working memory is alright, but I doubt I can learn new things and retain them. I don’t know if I have permanent damage from supplements like too much acetylcholine dripping out of my brain and neurons lol.

Maybe too much dopamine in some areas.

It’s not as good as when I was a kid or in high school or even community college. I had unknown or unrealized prodromal symptoms.

I figured CS is better than math for me because math is more abstract and requires more memorization and understanding and is in general harder than just programming.

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I remember more in past lives or in parallel universes than in this life. like a 1000-1. It’s supposedly delusional, but it feels fake and both real at the same time.

I feel like I’m a clone because my memory is so bad. Like I cannot remember living or being born anymore. My childhood feels like a fabrication. Everything before 2011 seems ■■■■■■■ fake!

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It’s almost like dementia. My mom told me I’m smarter than her on her best day and my worst day…She’s right, but I still cannot function. She actually has an associates degree. I just have a high school degree with 3 years of college. She underestimates herself.

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I have terrible short term memory,

But I use a lot of cannabis and that may be to blame.